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This Artists’ Village In Himachal Pradesh Will Put Conventional Tourist Places To Shame

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  We live in an era where it is difficult to keep your sanity intact without art. Art has become a way to escape from the harsh realities of theRead More

In The Name of Travel, Don’t Waste Our Land

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  People belonging to tourist destinations are genuinely nice hosts. This is one of the reasons that such destinations become popular among tourists and travellers. But when the hosts areRead More

Air India’s salute to ‘Armed Forces’ on Independence Day: Serving soldiers to board flights before others.

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Image courtesy:Hindustan Times

  Air India, as a mark of gratitude for the services of soldiers on the 71st Independence Day, has declared that it will invite members of the Armed Forces to board itsRead More

Ayurveda And The Five Elements of Existence

Ayurveda And The Five Elements of Existence

  Ayurveda is a sanskrit word meaning ‘the science of life and longevity’. According to this science, every individual is both, a creation of cosmic energy and a unique phenomenonRead More

10 Herbs You Can Easily Grow At Home

10 Herbs you can easily grow at home

  Ok so how many times have you thought of having a kitchen garden? A lot, right? Growing herbs in your garden, backyard or just tiny pots can save upRead More

BJP All Set For The “Save Bengal Campaign”

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  On the 13th of July, the BJP launched the “Save Bengal” campaign from Delhi’s Rajghat, in view of arresting Bengal’s turbulent political scenario. BJP’s decision comes in wake ofRead More

10 Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Spaces

Concrete jungles are all around us. Yes, every person dreams of a house, with a flowering garden or a backyard full of trees, but the lack of space comes inRead More

Cumin Is The King

Indian spices are quite famed internationally for the flavour they provide to dishes which is why they are exported in large quantities, thus, earning foreign exchange for the sellers. ApartRead More

Exploring Yoga Beyond Asanas

Exploring Yoga Beyond Asanas

The yoga fever is on with the International Yoga Day coming up on 21st june. But do you know all about yoga yet? Spoiler alert: Yoga is not just aboutRead More

Hidden Secrets of the Himalayas: Legend of the Himalayan Yeti

Hidden Secrets of the Himalayas Legend of the Himalayan Yeti

  Do they really exist? Himalayas have preserved some deep secrets inside their splendid valleys and sky-lined peaks. The mystery of the Himalayan Yeti is one of them. The existenceRead More