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Ethnic Cleansing In The Heart Of Mankind: Fate Of Rohingyas

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Image courtesy: New York Times

  As Begum Bahar crawls out of the most devastated territory in her homeland and crawls into the foreign domain with her eight-month-old baby in her lap, she finds herselfRead More

Gauri Lankesh Assasination: Threatening Freedom Of Speech

Gauri Lankesh Assasination: Threatening Freedom Of Speech
Image courtesy: India Today

  The recent brutal murder left wing activist and journalist Gauri Lankesh has all the tabloids burning with just one question.  Are we finally beginning to lose our morals overRead More

Netaji Statue Vandalised in West Bengal

National hero, Netaji, Vandalised Netaji, Declassified files of Netaji, BJP, WEst Bengal. Freedom Fighter, Independence struggle.
Image courtesy: Free Press Journal

  In what could be found as a shameful act by few anti-national elements, a  statue of the great freedom fighter and lndian National Army founder Netaji Subhash Chandra BoseRead More

No Justice for Gudiya? A recall of the recent violence in Himachal.

Image credit ; The Indian Express

  “Take care of the wild beasts of the forest ” her father said. Her father Keshav Ram, might’ve referred to the elusive Himalayan brown bear or maybe even theRead More

Remember Nathu La! Facing the Chinese in Doka La.

The standoff over Doka La has apparently been going on over the last month. The India Bhutan friendship treaty entails that India protects the Himalayan kingdom from the continual aggressionRead More

#Not My Media ; Selective lynching stories for selective criticism?

A week ago, four young men boarded the train after having done some Eid shopping and was looking forward to the upcoming festivities. Shortly into their train ride, they gotRead More

Indian Blood Rain in Botswana

Indian Blood Rain in Botswana

I remember Africa. Growing up there, I remember the hot burning sun in the summers. I remember the cool evenings and the many friends that would often meet in carRead More

Cow Controversy and Congress Cruelty

Image Courtesy: Pixbay

Over 2000 years ago, Ashoka the great instituted the first laws for animal rights in this country and in the world. He was among the first to institute animal hospitalsRead More

Khalid Bin Waleed ; A ideal inspiration?

Khalid bin Waleed

Khalid Bin Waleed is a national icon for many in the Islamic world. In Pakistan they have named their national battle tank after him. They have named their most prestigiousRead More

Majma Ul Bahrain ; Mingling of two Oceans

Majma Ul Bahrain Mingling of two Oceans

Religious riots seem to hit India more frequently nowadays. Termed ‘communal’ it is a term that is constantly thrown around on the Indian media. Communal tensions, Communal politicians and theirRead More