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Narendra Modi Opens Major Schemes On His Varanasi Visit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit in his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi, the first since his landslide victory in  Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. “Tomorrow I begin my Varanasi visit, during which various development works will be launched,” Modi tweeted on Thursday night.

The main focal point of PM’s Varanasi visit will be the launch of various flagship projects to boost the infrastructure and development of the temple town. These projects mainly cover the areas of roads and railways, finance, sanitation and business districts.

On Friday the Prime Minister announced projects worth more than 1000 crore to his constituency one of which includes the inauguration of the landmark rail services Mahamana Express from Varanasi to Vadodara. The Mahamana Express is named after former Hindu Mahasabha President Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya also referred to as “Mahamana”.

The train is built with plush interiors and has some unique features like modular panels, ergonomically designed ladders for convenience, odor control system, latest toilet modules, LED lights across berths and special berth indicators and night lights.

He is also scheduled to unfurl the Deendayal Hastkala Sankul- a trade facilitation center for weavers and handicrafts in Badlapur, a hamlet around 20 km’s from  Varanasi. The entire trade facilitation center is built at a cost of 300 crores, complete with a convention hall.

He will also inaugurate the Balua Ghat bridge and Ramnagar-Samne Ghat bridge and lay the foundation for a sewage treatment plant as a part of his eventful two-day tour.

This is Modi’s 11th trip to the temple town since he took his oath in 2014. During his visit, the Prime Minister was accompanied by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, UP Governor Ram Naik, and Textiles Minister Smriti Irani out of the synonymous leaders.

Narendra Modi is will also unveil a major financial project called the “Utkarsh Bank” which specializes in micro-finance, Jal ambulance, and Jal Shav Vahan. He will also unfurl the plaque to mark the foundation laying of the headquarters of the Utkarsh Bank.

One of the major attractions of his visit includes the postage stamp release on Ramayana and the inauguration of the famous “Annakshetra” at the Kashi Vishwanath temple.

On 23rd September the Prime Minister will unveil a fare dedicated to the animals called “Arogya Mela” in Shahanshahpur and address the farmers there on the importance and benefits of animal farming.

The sewage treatment plant to be inaugurated at Ramna is one of the significant steps to fulfill the Nirmal Ganga mission under the  Namai Gange project.

While addressing a huge crowd at the Lalpur stadium the Prime Minister said,” the solution to all problems lies in the development and the government is working in the right direction.”


Reaching out to the citizens of India and entrenching his efforts towards development the Prime Minister stated, “we are working in the direction of helping our citizens stand on their own feet. We not only start projects but we finish them as well”

Signaling the progress of the weavers in the city who form a bulk of the population in the city, Modi said that he wants to reinforce the community of weavers in the heritage city and want their talents to be recognized at international level. The Deendayal trade facilitation center will be one such platform for the weavers to enhance their economic status and transform the budding weavers into master craftsmen.

He assured the citizens saying, “Our government has a dream to wipe out poverty,”. He also expressed his gratitude to the government of UP for undertaking several developmental projects in the state.

The Prime Minister also lambasted the previous governments by saying that they “looted” the public money to win elections and none of the projects stared by the previous governments saw the day.



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