10 Things Coffee Does To You: Pros And Cons

Coffee is something we just cannot escape from. Our addiction to caffeine is directly related to our taste buds and a few myths. According to these myths, coffee induces activeness, recharges the body, rejuvenates the senses and is always bad for health. Wrong!


Here we bust such myths for you and provide you authentic facts about coffee, our ultimate soulmate.


It is often believed that coffee only harms the body. This is not true. Coffee has some benefits attached to it. Let’s have a look at them.



  • Relieves Pain


Coffee acts as a pain reliever. It is better to sip a cup of coffee than consume any chemical drugs when in pain. Coffee helps in treating body soreness, cramps and muscle contractions. Pain endurance is enhanced with the intake of coffee.



  • Improves Sex Drive


Yes, coffee helps you to get into the mood when you are feeling a bit low on sex drive. If consumed in moderate quantity, coffee can do wonders for your sex life. Not only does it increase the excitement levels, but also the ability to perform better.



  • Treats Depression


Coffee is really good for relieving stress. Studies reveal that artificial antidepressants are as bad for the body as depression itself. Coffee is a great alternative for the same. It helps to curb depressive symptoms if consumed judiciously.



  • Memory Retainer


According to research reports, coffee does wonders for memory retention. This holds true especially for women. It is said that if women consume 3-4 cups of coffee everyday, it helps to sharpen their memory and keeps them mentally young.



  • Treats Constipation


Coffee helps in better digestion and hence curbs constipation. Constipation is a very common problem, resulting from modern day food consumption habits. Coffee helps in absorption of nutrients thereby triggering better digestion.


So, yes coffee is good for the body, but only in moderate quantities. If taken in large amounts, coffee can prove to be harmful too. And therefore, for safety sake, we’d like you to know the negative effects of coffee as well. Have a look!



  • Increases Anxiety


Coffee consists of caffeine which induces anxiety. Anxiety attacks are harmful for heart patients. It is for the same reason that pregnant women are advised not to consume coffee until the pregnancy is over.



  • Induces Acidity and Ulcers


It is often assumed that consuming coffee as the first thing in the morning refreshens the mind. This is absolutely wrong. Coffee beans contain certain acids which irritate the inner lining of the stomach, thereby causing acidity and ulcers.



  • Increases Inactiveness


It is a very wrong notion that coffee helps to reduce inactiveness and provides alertness to the mind. Yes, coffee can help you stay awake but not alert. It results in sluggish lazy behaviour rather than an active one.



  • Skin Enemy


People with skin related troubles should definitely stay away from coffee. The natural glow of the skin is stolen away by coffee if you consume it beyond limits. Consuming coffee regularly is also harmful for teeth.



  • Affects Bone Density


Drinking black coffee or espresso, on a regular basis,results in osteoporosis. Coffee increases the pace of urination cycle. Calcium is lost through urine. This is why drinking coffee without supplementing it with milk can lead to weaker bones in the long run.


Now you know what the master of our taste buds has in store for our health. It is neither good to stop the intake of coffee altogether, nor does it help when consumed in large amounts. Limited consumption of this drink is always a good idea though.


Happy sipping!

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