8 Unconventional Ways for Healthy Living

When we talk about starting a good health regime, people often confuse it with dieting and exercising till you sweat. These ways may seem to bear fruit early, but are actually quite detrimental to your health. Centuries ago people, especially in India, used various other unconventional ways to stay healthy. And as the facts reveal, they lived a healthier, longer and more fulfilling life than we do today.

Here is a bunch of healthy habits which are super easy to adopt without asking for any extra efforts on your part.


1. Eating Nuts

Eating a handful of nuts daily has proved to be quite beneficial for health. Nuts help to lower cholesterol levels thereby keep the heart healthy. They are also rich in nutrients, thus providing the body with healthier munchies.


2.Offline Shopping

The virtual world compels us to sit at one place and look into one screen or the other constantly. Try to go out to shop at least. Walking through a mall is also a form of exercise and you’ll not even know you are doing one while buying stuff!


3. An Hour to Yourself

We live in a busy world where taking out an hour out of the packed schedule is quite difficult. Take out an hour out of your schedule, just for yourself. Give into meditating or just introspecting on your life while relaxing for a few moments. Your mind needs to stay healthy too.


4. Stomach Breaks

While the millennials do not believe in fasting anymore, it is actually a valid way to give your stomach a break from all the heavy eating done throughout the week or month. Eat light once in awhile and let your stomach recover from heavy digestion processes.


5.Right Posture

If we said you must do yoga, you would definitely make a tired face. Yes, yoga requires a little time and effort. To compensate for it, the least you can do is have a right posture. Most of the problems with the internal organs arise out of the incorrect posture, especially a hunched back.


6. Eye Breaks

We work most of the times on computers or smartphones, with our eyes continuously in contact with the glaring screens. After every half hour of work, look at the most distant corner of the room and relax your eyes a bit. It will ease out the pressure on your eye muscles if not much.


7. Replacing Unhealthy Cravings

We all crave for junk food every now and then. Self-control is the key when it comes to consuming a healthy diet. Try to replace your cravings for unhealthy junk food with delicious salads. Yes, salads can be made delectable too!


8. Copper Vessels for Water

Copper helps to stimulate the brain and is good for fighting unwanted bacterias. It is also helpful in curing various diseases including cancer. Drinking water in copper vessels can help you do away with unnecessary cosmetics due to its anti-ageing properties.

Such small changes in your lifestyle can bring you great results if you follow them regularly. Seems quite simple, right? Try them now and let us know if they worked for you in the comments section below.

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