Cumin Is The King

Indian spices are quite famed internationally for the flavour they provide to dishes which is why they are exported in large quantities, thus, earning foreign exchange for the sellers. Apart from putting the ‘D’ in delicious, these spices also possess a lot of medicinal qualities which help to keep the body healthy.

One such spice is cumin. Cumin seeds, also known as jeera, are formed after flowering of the cumin plant. It is usually found in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh but can be located in the drylands of hilly areas as well.

A 100g pack of cumin contains the following:

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That’s a whole lot of nutrition, right?

Cumin is widely used as one of the major spices in Indian kitchens. Let’s take a peek into the health benefits provided by cumin. Thank us later!

● For Skin- Cumin helps in providing glowing skin. It is especially beneficial for one suffering with boils. Cumin helps to treat body heat and provides relief from burning sensation as well.

● For Digestion- Cumin helps to balance the metabolism of your body, thereby enabling proper digestion. Due to the presence of natural laxatives, it also helps to cure diseases like piles.

● For Brain- Cumin is known to relieve a person suffering with stress and anxiety. This is the reason that it helps to treat people going through insomnia. It is also observed that the intake of cumin helps to increase cognitive performance.

● For Pregnancy- For lactating mothers, cumin is quite beneficial. As mentioned above, cumin has natural laxative properties which helps new mothers to be able to cope with post-pregnancy weakness.

● For Immunity- Due to the presence of nutrients, cumin aids in providing immunity to the body. This goes well for fighting cold and fever as well. The iron content present in high amounts helps to treat anaemic patients. It has almost the same effect on viral infections and insect bites as well.

● For Hair- Everyone wants shiny and healthy hair today but shampoos and conditioners contain way too many chemicals to give a natural lusciousness to your hair. Consumption of cumin in right quantities not only helps to prevent hair loss, but also keeps the scalp free from dandruff.

● For Diabetes- Diabetic patients procure a lot of health benefits from cumin. Cumin helps to reduce the chances of hypoglycemia by controlling blood sugar level in the body, thereby providing a healthy and regulated sugar content in the blood of diabetic patients.

After reading the surprising yet immensely helpful health benefits of cumin seeds, you will certainly agree with us when we say ‘Cumin is the king’. And yes, just 100g of this spice can give you more than you can imagine what these little seeds are capable of. Buy a pack and let us know how it positively surprised you with its wonders on your health.

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