Looking for Reasons to Try Yoga? We Can Help!

International Yoga Day is here and we completely understand the plight of procrastinators. Tomorrow never comes for them and nothing is enough to get them out of bed to try out something healthy. Well, we are hoping to change it this year.

Here are 10 reasons for practicing yoga. We bet you can’t get away this time. Happy health guys!


1. Provides Flexibility

Yes, we agree that initially yoga can be quite stressful for your muscles and you will hardly be able to do any asanas properly. But, as you go on practicing these postures each day, you will gain more flexibility and will have perfected yoga in no time.


2. Regulates Blood Circulation

Yoga postures help to regulate blood flow in the body. This is why it is good for blood pressure patients to practice it daily. Just like blood flow, yoga also helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.


3. Regulates Heart Rate

Yoga postures are quite beneficial for heart patients as well. It improves endurance by taking up maximum oxygen due to the breathing exercises. Ashtanga yoga has aerobic features which help heart patients to avoid the risk of attacks.


4. Controls Cortisol Level

The adrenal gland produces cortisol in order to face a situation of emergency. For depression and high anxiety patients, cortisol needs to be in control as it is one of the major reasons for panic attacks. Yoga helps in doing this without any psychiatric fees!


5. Lowers Blood Sugar

Yoga helps to increase sensitivity towards insulin. By lowering the body weight, it helps to control blood sugar in diabetic patients. Apart from this, it helps to curb the production of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.


6. Helps to Focus

Majority of people practice yoga for better concentration. The focus that a person has to gain over his/her body parts while practicing yoga helps them to not get distracted easily in daily life as well. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga have higher IQ levels and recall efficiency than those who don’t.


7. Helps in Sleeping

Good news procrastinators! There is actually an asana for sleeping in yoga. Surprised? Savasana helps in meditating towards sleeping. So if those gadgets and endless thoughts don’t let you sleep properly, try Nidra Yoga, which is literally meant to help you sleep better.


8. Improves Immunity

Immune system needs re-building every now and then. It is a process that the body goes through in order to protect it from illness and diseases. Yoga helps to improve the immunity system by inducing the production of certain types of enzymes as and when required.


9. Improves Breathing

Yoga has a lot of exercises that are related to breathing. It is like the basic part of yoga and indeed an important one. It is important to breath properly while practicing yoga. This, not only helps your lungs to perform better, but also provides oxygen flow throughout the body via blood circulation.


10. Relaxes the Mind

Yoga is a means of meditating. Just like the other forms of meditation, yoga helps to relax the mind by concentrating on a single path. According to some studies, yoga helps in de-stressing better than any allopathic alternatives.


Now that you have got reasons enough to practice yoga, take control of your health, not from tomorrow, but today. Although the effects of yoga are most active in the morning, yet you can practice this exercise anytime and at any place. So, there’s no room for excuses. Put on those yoga pants and get going!

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