Never Mess With A PMSing Girl

A little overly short-temperateness and he asks, “Are you PMS-ing?”

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is a much serious issue than is generally thought to be. Ladies, you know it, you’ve faced it and you hate it. The opposite gender, however, only needs to be a little more sensitive towards a woman going through the syndrome. Innumerable hormonal changes alter the real self of a woman during this period.

Let’s find out what kind of physically and mentally unbearable stuff hits a PMSing woman.

1. Sensitivity

Women become extremely sensitive and vulnerable during this time. Anything said even in a slight high tone can bring them to tears.

2. Irritability

They get irritated too often with almost anything around. Even a smile on your face can increase her irritability if not less.

3. Cramps

Cramps are very common while PMSing. It feels as if all the bones and muscles of the body are being crushed at the same time. Cramps on the lower back, thighs and stomach are most common.

4. Low Energy

Lack of motivation and unproductiveness prevails over a woman’s mind. The energetic attitude is all sucked up by the syndrome and all that is left is a very lazy and unmotivated procrastinator.  

5. Mood Swings

Mood swings are the most common way in which PMS depicts itself. A woman can be laughing at your jokes at one moment and cry hopelessly in the next. This is one of the main causes of unnecessary anger and emotional instability.

6. Change of Taste

Women know that PMS has arrived mostly through the change of taste. Everything that is eaten, apart from sour foods, can either be tasteless for her or can have a very peculiarly unwanted taste.

7. Pimples

Ok, so this is a major problem. Weren’t all the above-mentioned problems high on evilness already? Beauty related problems like pimples start to show up while PMSing and there is no betting on the size of these things. They are huge!


All of these have a very deep impact on the regular life of a woman. This time is a bit unpredictable for her. Nevertheless, there are certain things that can be done in order to soothe her life, even if for a small interval.


1. Offer some chocolates

You can’t even imagine what wonders chocolates can do to the mood and low energy of a woman. They are the best solution to all their PMSing problems.

2. Give soft massages

Cramps can be gotten rid off with soft massages on the back preferably because that is the most affected part during that period. Soft massages can also be helpful when a woman is actually going through her menstrual cycle.

3. Have patience

If you do not want to get into any fights with a PMSing woman, just have patience and listen to what she has to say. Women admire being heard and it also proves to be therapeutic for them at such times.

4. Lend a helping hand

You should help her out with the chores which she otherwise performs herself. Her body is already too tired due to the cramps. Helping her out with small work here and there can make things easier for her.

5. Be emotionally supportive

Being emotionally sensitive while PMSing, women need compassionate support. Knowing that someone is there to take care of them and support them through this phase is a very peaceful experience for them.


PMS is the devil that rules over a lady’s mind before the actual Satan arrives. Some attention and a whole lot of heart-warming support is the way to go when dealing with her. And if you cannot be supportive, just don’t mess with a PMSing girl!

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