“Diamonds in the Rough” | India-aware Meets Aspiring Rappers from the Destitute Areas of Delhi

aspiring rappers destitute

In the video, the guy delivering belligerent rap is the one amongst those rustic Indian rappers, who has fluent tongue and clear perception. Even in his rap, he talks about his unbiased personality with homespun perspective. This teenager who lives a plain-sailing life with this extraordinary talent is Vipul Gaur. He officially works with well-known singer Guru Randhawa.

This time, the India-aware team reached amidst Delhi’s rapper flock, where we found some of the most aspiring individuals. These independent minds know no less than addressing their passion. We decided to call them, “Diamonds in the Rough”. Some of them have managed to come far enough and become free-flowing in this musical art form. While many others are still waiting for a good platform to show their talent and learn better.

When Mr. Saurabh interviewed these young aspiring rappers, it was amusing to discover a pool of knowledge and passion in a discordant environment. Vishal, one of the aspiring rappers have no intentions to give in to his harsh living conditions. He is a follower of famous rapper “Badshah” and wants to become a proficient like him. Although talents like him are not much exposed to the national and international music industry, they are quite accustomed to the trends.

Rapping is more like a musical art form which delivers thoughts in a “rhythmic speech”. It is written and performed in a street vernacular to make an instant connection with the audience. It can be performed in various ways, but usually, it is performed with a musical backing.

The chief component of a rap is the “content”. After that comes, “delivery” and “rhythm”. Rap cannot be called as a fluently spoken poetry as it is performed within a time frame with music.

A DJ, Beatboxer or turntablist provides a beat, on which rap is performed. We can also say that rap holds a middle ground amidst prose, singing, speech or anything artistic. It is a quick speech banter which is aimed at giving a “light strike”.

Although, we know some of the most known rappers from the US who perform in African-American dialect, it was originally used in British English in the 16th century. In modern time, it is closely associated with hip-hop musical style.

In India, Desi hip-hop style is the most followed. It is more like an amalgamation of music and culture. Hip-hop music style is merged with Indian subcontinent which derives the term “desi”. A well-known musician “Bohemia” was said come up with this term, “Desi hip hop”.

Vishal, reaps a lot of inspiration from other teenage rappers. When he sees those young kids performing fearlessly, he feels moved by his own passion for this rustic musical form.

Another young aspiring rapper named, Ankit, talks about Bohemia’s super-fluency in this style. His zeal about this musical form and brief knowledge about its origin shows that once given a good possibility, they will not lack behind in shattering the glass ceiling and become an inspiration.

Their fairly broad knowledge and zeal to perform this art form suggests that they are gazing through the veil, hoping to catch the wind and flow with it.

India-aware is definite to connect with such talents across the country and un-mask a dexterous side of the Indian population.


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