Fasting Made Delicious: Get Food Ready For Navratri


Navratri celebrations start on 21st September this year. Splendid 9 days, full of merriment and of course lots of food, await us just a day away. Navratri are celebrated all over India and worshipers of Hindu goddesses abroad as well. The celebrations include worshipping 9 different avatars of Goddess Durga along with a discretionary fast wherein only a certain selected number of food items are allowed to be eaten.

No festival is complete without delectable delicacies and Navratri celebrations are no exception to this rule. But when you are fasting, it becomes really difficult to find flavours in simple food items like fruits, milk, khichdi, potato, etc. So what do you do?

Well you don’t have to worry about missing out on mouth-watering recipes at Navratri this year as we have right here an array of options for you to munch on even while fasting for 9 days. And guess what? They are all delicious!

Sabudana is one ingredient with which you can experiment in a number of ways. Sabudana khichdi, sabudana kheer, sabudana halwa and sabudana fruit salad are some of the dishes you can easily prepare with sabudana as the core ingredient.

Water chestnut flour or Singhara can be used in place of wheat or semolina to prepare singhare ka halwa, singhare ke samose and all those dishes for which you either used maida, semolina or wheat. If you are craving for Aloo ka parantha, you must not avoid it ‘cause you are fasting but you rather must eat it ‘cause you are fasting. Fast foods like aloo tikki, mathhi, papri chat, etc. can be easily prepared by using Singhara.

Arbi is another core ingredient in preparing falahaar or fasting dishes. You can either make patties or tikkis with arbi or use it to prepare arbi curry to replace the lentils you usually eat. Arbi has good consistency when it comes to preparing dishes like cutlet. It can also be easily fried and made chips and rolls out of. You can also serve arbi koftas with dahi dip.

Thank god for potato that most of us haven’t starved to death. Whatever primary dish one may like, potatoes are all time favourites of everyone. It is not called the king of vegetables for nothing. Nothing could be more a blessing to the fasting lot during navratris than potatoes being a fasting food. Yes, you can use potatoes in every dish and every recipe without feeling the slightest of guilt.

When it comes to fasting, you must keep drinking water and fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated, especially if the fasting period is as long as 9 days. You can try making various types of lassi like banana walnut lassi, fruit shakes, smoothies and juices. Milk is an important part of fasting foods and can be used in various recipes generously while fasting.

Kuttu ka atta or buckwheat flour is also used to prepare various dishes. Ditch the boring kuttu ke aate ka parantha and go for a kuttu ka dosa this time, spiced and filled with mashed potatoes.

The ingredients are all the same but it is up to you to make your celebrations and fasting worth the festival by treating yourself with some different yet delicious recipes prepared with old ingredients. Happy Navratri foodies!

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