WildLife SOS; A Big Leap Towards WildLife Conservation

Wild Life SOS; A Big Leap Towards Wild Life Conservation
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Nature is the most beloved companion of all human beings and we all once in a while love to curl in the laps of nature unrestrained and unperturbed. And talking about nature, our wildlife is an inherent part of our nature which looks beautiful only when found in its natural beauty.

Unfortunately it’s not so in most of the cases, given the rampant urbanization and deforestation of our planet, our flora and fauna are not in safe hands and fall trap to illegal animal treatments like poaching, skinning or trading for skins, bones, tusks, meat, furs or hairs, petting or breeding in captivity.

And believe it or not, there are some non-profit organizations which perform the most daunting wildlife rescue operations to protect the animals from illegal and inhuman perpetrators and restore  them in their natural habitats. Also sometimes wild creatures like venomous snakes, elephants, bears and tigers escape into human habitats; rural or urban calling for immediate attention. In such cases organizations like WildLife SOS come to our service.

Found in 1995 the primary aim of Wildlife SOS is to rescue and rehabilitate the wildlife in distress. Wild Life SOS undertakes all sorts of wildlife rescue operations for injured, orphaned or displaced animals in rural or urban locations.

The injured or lost animals after undergoing treatment are either released back into their natural habitats or are conserved in a safe facility akin to their natural environment.

Wild Life SOS is actively involved in the protection of wildlife, conservation of habitat, studying biodiversity and create alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile poacher communities who depend solely on wildlife for their existence.

Wild Life SOS and its dedicated team carries out emergency rescue operations for various animals like snakes, dancing bears, pythons, Asiatic elephants, macaques, leopards, monkey, nilgais, langoors, sloth bears through its emergency helpline unit.

Today this organization under the aegis of its co-founders Karthik Satyanarayan and Geeta Seeshamani is taking stringent action against all kinds of animal cruelty, rescue and rehabilitate the animals in their natural environment and promote wildlife awareness and need for their conservation against all odds.

Wild Life SOS has achieved great success in the protection of ‘Dancing Bears’ from exploitation along with the projects to help leopards, elephants, reptiles, sloth bears and primates.

Wild Life SOS is a charitable organization that receives fund by donations and is not supported by any government agencies. All its projects function under the funding it receives through charity for the sustenance of its essential and humane execution of wildlife protection programmes.

Wild Life SOS member and Manager for Special Projects Wasim Akram gives us an insight into how the organization and its team members carry out this commendable task for protection of wildlife in the Delhi and NCR with the help of its 24×7 helpline unit.

On an average, the Delhi based non-profit receives 300 rescue calls in a month. During monsoons, the rescue calls are mainly for reptiles while in winters, the rescue calls are mainly accident related to animals like Nilgais, antelopes and monkeys who are stranded due to the inclement weather.

They have active projects running in around 12 states working on wildlife animals from sloth bears, rhesus macaques, Asiatic elephants and leopards.

Wild Life SOS has a well-framed plan for snake rescue operations in the urban area. They initiate an intensive snake rescue operation, where they reach people through their helpline numbers to rescue them from snake bites rehabilitate them in assisted manner. Their skilled team is trained to catch venomous as well as non-venomous snakes like sand boa, red boa, russels viper, common cobra and common krait.

They also provide us with the detailed characteristics of different snake species in India and precautionary measures for snake bites. However, Wild Life SOS does not conduct any research activities with the help of snake venoms.

The snake rescue team of Wild Life SOS comprises of a team of reformed snake charmers who have abandoned their traditional profession of snake charming and undergone years of training on safe and humane handling of snakes using snake catching hooks, sticks and carrier backs.

Here are some of the precautions Wasim asks us to follow in case of snake encounters:

1) Do not rush and get nervous to catch the snake.

2)Do not attempt to kill as you don’t know how it will respond.

3) Call the snake rescue team from WildLife SOS hotline, who can reach your home or location under the stipulated time and guide you towards a safe and sound handling of rescue and rehabilitation of snakes.

With the help of its brilliant staff, volunteers and grant programmes, WildLife SOS renews its commitment towards wildlife and find innovative means to sustain and grow in their mission.

Find the link below to get a glimpse of the laudable work performed by the WildLife SOS organization.


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