10 Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Spaces

Concrete jungles are all around us. Yes, every person dreams of a house, with a flowering garden or a backyard full of trees, but the lack of space comes in the way of fulfilling them. A good way to have your gardening dreams accomplished, without hurting your pocket, is to have a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are not man-made inventions. They have existed since the time nature first bloomed the climbers, like squash and cucumber plants.


Here are a few ways in which you too can have your own vertical garden, without using much space at home!



  • Hanging Pots


This is probably the easiest and most used type of vertical garden. You can easily hang pots with plants from the ceiling. All you need is a firm wire to hold up the pot’s weight.



  • Traditional Trellis


A traditional trellis can be made at home for climber plants. Just take a wooden frame and tie sleek threads vertically onto it so that the plant can grow with its support.


  • Wall Garden


Yes, you can have a wall that is also a vertical garden! Buy a tray that can hold up thick plants firmly onto it such that the weight of mud and fertilizers is held strongly. Tighten the tray to a wall outside the house with the help of screws and you are good to go!



  • Bottle Garden


This is probably the easiest DIY vertical garden that you can prepare with negligible cost and a little spare time. Not to forget the most important component, empty bottles! Cut a bottle into half and punch small holes at the bottom of it. Add mud and plants to it and hang the bottle anywhere you like!



  • Free Standing Garden


A rack with layers of trays containing plants is called a free standing garden. It takes up a space equal to a small 3×2 cabinet.



  • Pyramid Garden


Pyramid garden is suitable for small plants like lettuce and strawberries. The trays are stacked up in a pyramid formation and save up quite a lot of space.



  • Stair Garden


If you have got wide stairs in your apartment, then you can easily have small parts from either sides of it dug up to be used for planting herbs. This works well for wooden staircases.



  • Canvas Pouch Garden


A canvas organizer contains a lot of pouches to put stuff into. These pouches can be filled with mud and can easily accommodate one plant per pouch. This one definitely suits your wallet and your space options right?



  • Grid Garden


A different kind of trellis can be built with the help of wires laid out in a grid system. This trellis or grid garden can hold heavy vegetables like tomato and squash.



  • Door Garden


Imagine opening the door to enter your balcony and what do you see on the outer part of the door? A garden! You can have wooden racks attached to the door to garden your way inside the house.


Now that you have ample ideas to create a vertical garden for yourself, there’s no room for delay. Get planting!



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