Go The Basil Way!

As time rolls on, and the discovery of new diseases increasing with it, people are slowly moving towards ayurvedic and herbal options for curing ailments and other health related troubles. These options are easily available, cheap, effective and backed by thousands of years of recommendations.

Tulsi or basil is one such magical herb which is said to heal both mental as well as physical being of a person. Tulsi is worshipped as a goddess in the Hindu mythology and owes its reverence to the innumerable benefits that it provides to the body.

Here are some of the healing properties of Tulsi or Basil.

  1. Immunity- The presence of antioxidants in Basil helps to increase immunity. If consumed daily, by either infusing it with water or tea, it helps to maintain a healthy body by keeping diseases at bay.
  2. Breathing- Chewing Tulsi leaves can actually help you to quit smoking. It also cuts down the effects of smoking and other respiratory problems by healing the lungs and enabling proper breathing.
  3. Heart Troubles- Unlike allopathy medicines which help to reduce cholesterol levels, Tulsi helps to regulate cholesterol levels. This means that it maintains a natural balance in the body, thereby avoiding heart-related problems.
  4. Digestive Problems- Warm Tulsi juice helps to treat stomach worms. It also aids in regulating the digestive system, especially constipation related issues.
  5. Common Cold- Basil provides warmth to the body. Boiling basil leaves in water and drinking the same helps to provide relief to the body during cough and cold.
  6. Gums and Teeth Friendly- One can use tulsi water as a mouthwash as it is really good for fighting unwanted bacterias. It can also treat gum inflammation if concentrated tulsi juice is applied over the affected area.
  7. Headache and Stress- A paste made with the help of basil leaves and sandalwood soothes the nervous system. It also helps to relieve a person suffering from stress and headache.
  8. Diabetes Healer- Diabetic patients should consume tulsi in as many foods and drinks as possible. Tulsi helps to control blood sugar levels in the body and helps diabetic patients to cope with their fluctuating tendencies.
  9. Treats Cancer- If consumed along with proper medication, basil can also prove to be quite beneficial in healing oral cancer and breast cancer. Although it alone may not be able to provide desired results, it can be useful in fighting cancer with a little help from allopathy.
  10. Kidney Stones Treatment- Tulsi juice, if had along with honey, can help to treat kidney stones. A person suffering from acute pain, caused by stones, can find relief if tulsi juice is consumed in the right quantity.
  11. Preventing Malaria and Dengue- Basil infused water is very good for preventing malaria and dengue, on the look out to harm the body. It acts as an immunity shield against such dreadful fevers.
  12. Treating Skin Problems- Tulsi juice and coconut oil together help to reduce pains caused by burns. One can also treat ringworm and boils by applying the tulsi paste on them. Getting rid of dandruff and itchiness on the scalp can be treated with the help of basil juice. Treating pimples and acne and fading scars and marks on the skin can also be enabled by applying a paste made out of its leaves. Moreover, it also helps to moisturise the skin by restoring natural oil of the epidermis.

So the next time you chew a basil leaf, you can boost of the magic it’s doing to your body. Spread the word and go the basil way!

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