Planning Your Honeymoon? Make It Perfect!

The first thing after getting married that’ll get you all excited and high on adrenaline will probably be your honeymoon. Now, give the whole idea of it a little thought and answer yourself a simple question- Do you want it to be the clichéd ‘all about sex’ kind of experience? If the answer comes out in negation, then here is a perfect list for you to try stuff out from while you’re on your honeymoon. Read on!



  1.    Get a Couple’s Massage

The initial move towards your partner in terms of physical intimacy can be a bit jittery. The nervousness is normal. Getting a couple’s massage, though, can ease out all the stress between you two. A perfect spa day filled with romantic massages and relaxing sessions can help to release all the tensions lingering around your head (especially if it is your first time).


  1.    Disconnect from the Social Media

Honeymoon is the ‘only us’ time of couples and trust me, the moments spent together cannot be re-lived by going through those social media posts years later. For once, just get rid of posting and sharing with the world. Take a break from the internet and bring back the old times of truly living in the moment.


  1.    Stargaze Through the Night

A secluded rooftop, some wine, a cuddly hug from your other half under the blanket and a sky full of stars above, nothing beats that. Stargazing and appreciating the beauty of the night, while talking your heart out with your partner, will definitely bring you two closer than ever.


  1.    Before Sunrise, After Sunset

These are the two times of the day you must witness with your partner at least once. The natural romanticism of the breaking dawn and crawling dusk will surely have its effects on both of you and who knows, they may get carried onto the pre-sleep session!


  1.    The Adventure Game

Fulfill your wildest fantasies. Try out stuff you cannot risk doing back home. Being adventurous with your sexual desires is real fun while reaching towards the comfort zone with your partner. We are not exactly referring to Kamasutra, but a little flexibility in bed is always great. Having said that, you can also try out some real adventure sports like bungee jumping, rafting, snowboarding, etc.


  1.    Private Dinner Date

A romantic candlelight dinner serves as a perfect private date. It is a definite comfort enhancer for the newlyweds. From looking deep into each other’s eyes to getting a little flirty, this dreamy date should surely be on your bucket list.


  1.    Romantic Bubble Bath/Steamy Couple Shower

Draw a bubble bath for the two of you and if you don’t like wasting too much time, get into a steamy shower with your partner. Feeling the energy around each other amid the warmth of love and togetherness in a sensual set up like this will spark the right intimacy for you two.


  1.    Love Yourself!

When we say that, we mean appreciating yourself in a way that your partner automatically starts to admire the positives in you. Dress up for yourself, smile for yourself and of course, love yourself. You’ll be surprised at how it works magic on your spouse as well.

There you go! The perfect beginning to a perfect life with your partner awaits you on the other side of the wedding. Live it up!

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