Near Death Experiences: The World From Above


Near death experiences refer to the range of experiences reported by people who have survived an incident of near or clinical death. Near death experiences have been reported throughout history, in all mystical and shamanic traditions and by great writers and philosophers.


A person is revived from death after accidents, heart attack, operations, combat or serious illness. Such experience has been the subject of a great deal of scientific research and philosophical speculation. Although no two people have the exact same near death experience, yet there are certain similarities in their description of the same. These include:


  • An altered state of feeling of peace and well-being without pain, bodily sensation or fear.
  • Awareness of a buzzing or rushing sound.
  • Finding yourself separated from your body, also called out of body experience.
  • Movement through solid objects like walls.
  • Heightened sense of sight and hearing along with highly alert consciousness.
  • Entering darkness, floating in a dimensionless space and then rapidly moving through a tunnel.
  • Seeing a light at a distance and then finding yourself drawn towards the light such that the light encompasses you with love. A few people refer this light as God.
  • Some people witness inner world of beauty. This can be close enough to paradisal landscapes and buildings, accompanied by heavenly music.
  • You may meet people who you knew were dead including dead relatives.
  • You will reach a point or boundary beyond which you cannot go. It is then that you are told to go back to the world you came from to fulfill the mission or unaccomplished aim of your life.


Near death experiences are said to alter the life and attitude of the people who have experienced them. They let go off the fear of death itself and become more loving, tolerant, patient and spiritually inclined.


A Tibetan Perspective

In Tibetan, delok means ‘returned from the dead’. Traditionally, deloks are people who seemingly ‘died’ as a result of an illness. They visit the hell realms where they witness the judgement of the dead and the sufferings of hell. Sometimes they go to paradises and Buddha realms. They can be accompanied by a deity who protects them and explains them what is happening. After a week, the delok is sent back to the body with a message from the Lord of Death for the living, urging them to adopt spiritual practice and a beneficial way of life. Often the deloks have a hard time making people believe their story and they spend the rest of their lives recounting their experiences to others in order to draw them towards the path of wisdom.


Yes, near death experiences do occur for a large population of the earth. Though many scientists argue them to be illusions of the mind, yet, the similarity of experiences retold by the lot are astonishing and believable. Such findings may help us to know what exactly happens after death, someday.




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