Top 10 Reading Delights for the Wanderer in You

One who reads books, takes on many journeys while doing it. Walking side by side with the characters of a book makes you a traveler deep within. If you are an avid traveler in reality, such books can give you an insight into a whole new world. Some may even compel you to travel real soon.

Here are 10 popular travel books which will instantly spark wanderlust in you. Don’t forget to carry your most faithful companions with you on your next trip. Happy reading!


1. Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

The story of Christopher Johnson McCandless has been beautifully penned down by Jon Krakauer. The frustration of a young guy, fed up with the modern society, and the story of his journey towards Alaskan wilderness in search of peace and, on a deeper note, himself, is what this book is all about.


2. Go Girl by Elaine Lee

Go Girl is a compilation of 52 essays about the travelling adventures of different women. It contains memoirs by Maya Angelou and Alice Walker as well. The essays are truly inspiring, not only for female travelers, but for the men too. The book also includes some resourceful tips for fellow travelers.


3. The Travel Book by Lonely Planet

The Travel Book is a photographic journey through all the countries of the world. It contains 817 photographs which will make you want to explore the places shown in the book for real. This is definitely a must have in a traveler’s library.


4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho writes about a shepherd boy who follows the omens provided to him by the universe. While following these omens, he is taken on a path where his dreams will ultimately be fulfilled.


5. Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden

This novel reveals the story of a woman who was initially living a splendid married life, but chose to take on a journey of a lifetime after her divorce. The novel is inspiring for those experiencing a rough phase in life.


6. Journey of a Lifetime by National Geographic

This book is a compilation of the travel stories written by National Geographic’s travel writers, who explored different parts of the world. While the stories are quite motivating, they are also informative on the life and culture at various places on the globe.


7. The Call of the Wild by Jack London

The book is about the journey of a dog. Need we say more? The novel will bring out all your emotions if you are an animal lover. The transformation of a dog from being domesticated to ruling the wild in the north is quite heart-warming.


8. The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara

The true story of Che Guevara’s journey through America, along with his friend, is described in his self-written book, The Motorcycle Diaries. The book reveals the reasons behind the transformation of Che Guevara from a medical student to a revolutionary.


9. The Beach by Alex Garland

The Beach is about the journey of Richard who seeks something different and meaningful in life through his journey but unfortunately ends up trapped in his own illusions. This book is quite thrilling and you just cannot let it go until you finish it.


10. Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer

The popularity of this book can be sensed through the viewership of the movie based on it. This book talks about the journey of its characters from being imprisoned in Pakistan to gaining enlightenment in Lhasa.


Wondering which one to read first? Just pick any and go reading! A journey through thin pages awaits you!

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