Amid a World Full of Chaos, Let’s Acknowledge the Gifts of Buddhism

In the wake of wars, crimes and corruption, it is not easy to have faith in peace to an extent that the world follows your thoughts. Buddhism did something similar and is therefore receiving followers from all over the globe. People belonging to different ethnicities are devoting their lives towards the path that leads to salvation in a very humble yet powerful way.


It is time that we acknowledged the driving forces of this religion which draw us towards its ideals. Here are the various gifts that Buddhism has selflessly given to a society full of chaos.


  • Peace

The message of peace is the most important aspect of Buddhism today. Terrorism haunts the world with its extremities. Buddhism is a ray of hope that takes us on a journey towards having a peaceful society for ourselves and our future generations.


  • Non-violence

Buddhism preaches non-violence. This includes abstaining from both physical and mental forms of violence. It is this religion that does not seek devotees, but the devotees seek it. This is why non-violence has been maintained in this religion even after centuries of its birth.


  • Meditation

Meditation is a form of prayer in Buddhism. All you need to do is look inside yourself and that is where you will find your God. Meditation has all sorts of mental and physical benefits and is one of the greatest gifts that Buddhism could give to this world.


  • Prayer Flags

You can see prayer flags hanging all over the areas dominated by Buddhism. These flags have Buddhist mantras written all over them. It is believed that as the wind blows, the messages and mantras written over these flags get circulated in the air and reach all beings around it.


  • Food

Buddhism forbids the intake of meat. The strict followers of this religion eat wheat gluten instead of meat to compensate for the nutrition. What this sect teaches us is to have a simple yet healthy diet including good amount of vegetables and fruits.


  • Chants

Buddhist chants provide instant peace to the mind. The mantra ‘Om Mane Padme Hung’ has been adopted by people all over the world and is the most powerful mantra of Buddhism. It casts a lasting and soothing effect on its listeners.


  • Simplistic Rituals

Buddhist preachers believe in simplicity and therefore their rituals are not too complex. There is no burden of sacrifices and adjustments on the devotee. All you need to do is look within and find peace within to attain salvation.


  • The Tribal Culture

Most of the followers of Buddhism belong to tribes. The tribal culture teaches them to be together in good times and bad ones. This is why a spirit of harmony is established in such communities. This is something important that the society could adopt from this religion today.


  • Mind Over Matter

Buddhism, in all its simplicity, teaches its followers to give priority to mind over matter. This means that if you want to be a part of this religion, you should give up on all sorts of yearning. The only thing that should matter to you is peace of mind and the quest of finding your real self.


Buddhism is indeed a beautiful gift of humanity that the world needed desperately. A little change in our attitude towards life, as taught by Buddhism, can change the world to be a better place to live in.

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