Hidden Secrets of the Himalayas: Legend of the Himalayan Yeti


Do they really exist?

Himalayas have preserved some deep secrets inside their splendid valleys and sky-lined peaks. The mystery of the Himalayan Yeti is one of them. The existence of a creature with a body structure similar to a mixture of a bear, an ape and a man has been debated all over the world. People have actually conducted research projects with the central idea of finding the mysterious giant being.

Yeti or the Abominable Snowman is supposed to be residing in the upper Himalayan regions of Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet. Originally, Yeti was worshipped by the Lepcha tribe as the God of the Hunt. As the years passed by, this apelike creature went on to be feared by the locals which eventually gave birth to a lot of folklore regarding the fierceness of the same.

According to some legends, Yeti’s possess supernatural powers. They can be very swift and therefore escape the eyes of a normal being quite quickly. They are also said to increase in size with the energy obtained from the Sun. People hold in their beliefs that being around Yetis can drain your energy levels and transfer it to them. Another dreaded story attached to the snowman is that they abduct young women for sexual pleasure or just for rearing their children.

Sherpa tribes of the Himalayas, especially those residing close to the Mount Everest and Annapurna Range have reported hearing loud shrill noises every now and then. These are believed to be coming from the Yetis themselves who reside in caves built at altitudes higher than 15,000 feet. The curiosity of the people from the west regarding the discovery of this huge creature brought them to the Himalayas. Major researchers have taken place in the past century with people like N.A. Tombazi, Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzin Norgay, etc., claiming to have seen the Himalayan Yeti for real. DNA studies and the evidence of footprints found in deep forests of the mountains have proposed that the Yeti could be a hybrid of an ancient polar bear, about 40,000 years old, and apes or eventual humans.

A number of books have been written in context to the existence of the Yeti, yet, people hold their own beliefs. Trekkers of the upper Himalayas might get privileged to witness the being that Yeti is. The ultimate hunt for the Himalayan Yeti is still on with a deep desire to unravel the mysteries hanging around its authenticity.

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