The BJP came out flying in bright saffron, basking in the glory of its undisputed victory in the recent UP civic polls, winning 14 out of 16 mayoral seats in the country’s largest state on Friday. With the Congress taking a beating with its debacle in Amethi and Samajwadi Party failing to open its account, it was the revival win for BSP which surprised the naysayers of the electoral debate.

It was certainly a well-deserved victory for BJP which conducted a massive campaign drill under the feisty leadership of Yogi Adityanath crisscrossing the state with 34 rallies in 15 days.

The win has not only asserted his position as a powerful Chief Minister but has also elevated him to the stature of other regional satraps like Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati. Prior to Yogi only Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh enjoyed such prowess in UP BJP cadre. Yogi Adityanath is definitely on a winning spree since he assumed office after the sweeping win at the assembly elections. He has undoubtedly raised the bar for performance and is likely to get better stakes in party affairs.

Right from banging in with a grand Diwali, kicking off a vociferous campaign from Ayodhya, painting the state secretariat saffron to cracking down on madrasas; Yogi Adityanath has played the Hindutva card pretty well. He didn’t duck away to take tough administrative calls, when it came to ticking off the non-performers or giving cops the nod to check law and order.

BJP’s landslide victory over its rivals comes just ahead of the Gujarat polls pumping some energy into its performance. Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah hailed the victory, which is the third consecutive one since the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

But what stunned the electoral analysis was BSP’s clinching of two mayoral seats out of 16, seen as a redeemer since its failure in the March assembly elections.

Usually the western UP electorates of Meerut and Aligarh are BSP strongholds, where the key votes are split between the Dalits and the Muslims to decide the final tally. BSP swung back to victory in these core constituencies, which it lost to BJP in the assembly elections.

Moreover, Congress defeat in its traditional pocket boosted the BJP’s spirit to dig holes in its Gujarat campaign. It lost both the Gauriganj and Jais municipal seats in Amethi. in Gauriganj it secured just 1088 of the 15209 votes polled to SP which won 5806 of total votes.

In Jais constituency Congress’s Israt Hussain lost to BJP Mahesh Pratap.

Rae Bareilly civic poll turned to be the only saving grace for Congress, where Poornima Shrivastava beat SP’s Nasreen Bano securing 24,205 votes.

BJP chief Amit Shah took this opportunity to dig holes in the Congress campaign in Gujarat.

Launching an attack at the Congress campaign in Gujarat he tweeted, ” Gujarat mein Congress ke neta kehte hain ki Congress ave chhe, ave chhe, jabki Amethi Rae Bareilly ki Janta kehti hai ki Congress Jave chhe jave chhe,”.

Congratulating Yogi Adityanath on BJP’s victory, Prime Minister tweeted,”this victory is significant in many ways as this will have an overall impact on the traders all over the country who have approved GST. With this affirmation, the conspiracy of the opposition will be exposed.”

BJP’s strength of Lok Sabha seats from UP which is 80 combined with BJP’s win at the UP civic polls serves as a benchmark to boost its performance in the Gujarat assembly elections as well as the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2017, Adityanath said that the state government would work towards decentralization of power and give more teeth to civic bodies to address the needs of people.

“We want to ensure that people get basic facilities through civic bodies, and local bodies become more sensitive and responsive to the needs of people,” he said.


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