A Quick Recap To The Israel Visit of Modi The Traveller


We won’t talk about PM Modi today. We won’t discuss the politician Narendra Modi today. We are going to sit back with you and enjoy the travel diaries of Modi the traveller across Israel, his latest international visiting country. He was on a 3-days official trip to Israel from 4th July, 2017 to 6th July, 2017 and boy did he see places. The visit was primarily aimed towards strengthening the strategic bond between India and Israel, but we just couldn’t resist being jealous of our PM for having visited one of the most desired destinations of young travellers in India.


Here’s a little gratitude to our beloved Modi the traveller who has been a travel inspiration for all of us enthusiasts over the last 3 years. Check out the places PM Narendra Modi visited in Israel on his recent trip. From beaches to museums to farms, he left his mark everywhere.


Have a look!



  • Tel Aviv Convention Centre


Tel Aviv Convention Centre is located on Rokach Boulevard in northern Tel Aviv, Israel. It is the most advanced site for conventions and exhibitions in Israel, being the largest in the country. PM Modi addressed 5,000 members of Indian community in Israel at the convention centre, stressing on the need to build stronger relations with the people by providing them OCI cards and, in a way, inviting them to India for a visit.



  • Danziger Flower Farm


The Danziger Flower Farm is situated in central Israel in Moshav Mishmar Hashiva which is about 56 kms away from Jerusalem. The farm is the leading floriculture company in Israel. It has 80,000 sq. metres of state-of-the-art greenhouses for breeding and testing new variety of flowers. A new fast growing Israeli Chrysanthemum flower has been named after PM Modi and will now be called ‘MODI’. Now that’s wow!



  • Yad Vashem Museum


Yad Vashem Museum is the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre built as a memorial to the victims of the holocaust, who lost their lives while fighting against the Nazi oppression. The museum consists of a Hall of Names which contains the names of over 3 million holocaust victims, as submitted by their families and relatives. PM Modi paid homage to all those who suffered the horrors of the Nazi rule while being accompanied by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.



  • Grave of Theodor Herzl


Theodor Herzl was an Austro-Hungarian journalist and activist who is considered to be the founder of zionism. Born in 1860, he founded the World Zionist Organisation in an effort to encourage Jewish emigration to Palestine. Though he could not stay alive to witness the formation of a new Jewish state but Israel owes its origin to him. After leaving the Yad Vashem Complex, the two PMs made an impromptu visit to the grave of Theodor Herzl.



  • Israel Museum


Established in 1965, the Israel’s national museum is located on top of a hill in the Givat Ram locality of Jerusalem. The museum displays some of the oldest artworks of the Jewish community. To celebrate the cultural linkage between India and Israel, PM Modi announced that an Indian Cultural Centre will be set up in Israel to honour the contribution of the jewish community in India and Jews of Indian origin in Israel so as to bring the two societies together.



  • War Cemetery Haifa (indian soldiers)


The Indian Cemetery in the city of Haifa, Israel is built to pay respect to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the good of Israel against the oppression of the Ottoman Empire during the 1st World War. PM Modi travelled to Haifa in a helicopter along with Israeli PM Netanyahu in order to pay homage to and honour the fallen Indian soldiers during the Battle of Haifa (1918).



  • Dor Beach, Haifa


Dor Beach is a quaint beach in Haifa, usually popular as a scenic destination for travellers, with a lot of luxury resorts around. On the last day of his visit to Israel, PM Modi visited the Dor Beach with PM Netanyahu, where both were seen exchanging friendly talks with each other. At the beach, our PM also received a demonstration of the mobile water filtration plant located therein.


The itinerary of Modi the traveller was quite exciting as was his trip to Israel. Visiting a number of places in the host country helped to strengthen India- Israel relations for the betterment of the people of both the countries. With the major stress being laid on fighting terrorism, PM Modi’s trip was indeed a success.



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