A lot of buzzes was influencing the media news regarding Rohit Sardana’s tweet.


According to the reports, a huge number of people which included Sunni, Shia and Christians were speaking against him. Rohit Sardana is a well-known journalist, editor, anchor and a media personality. He is known for his crisp and unswerving style of addressing the social issues. For those, who missed the whole bedlam and would not like to read multiple articles in a row, this is the read for them.


A tweet becomes a scoop when it points someone specific. But, can we put forward any opinion without merging any examples in it? Certainly not! Rohit Sardana’s tweeted, “अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी- फ़िल्मों के नाम सेक्सी दुर्गा, सेक्सी राधा रखने में ही है क्या? क्या आपने कभी सेक्सी फ़ातिमा, सेक्सी आएशा या सेक्सी मेरी जैसे नाम सुने हैं फ़िल्मों के? https://twitter.com/gauravcsawant/status/930758852202524672 …”.



He talked about a trending film named after Hindu Goddess, “Maa Durga”. The title of the film became explanatory when it was adjoined with a prefix, “Sexy”. Rohit Sardana’s tweet suggested other similar names of the movies which included women names of Islam and Christian communities.

Here, any pragmatic-minded person would say, “He shouldn’t have interfered”. But, the issue arises when; we are suppressed to reveal our opinions. Here, even the bigger problem is, a well-acclaimed journalist went through that suppression.

Just after his tweet reached the small screens of the population around, a mob of protestors came in front of Aaj Tak office which is situated in Bengaluru. They extensively demanded Rohit Sardana’s arrest.

The uproar of this opinion reached such heights that, he even received threat calls. As his wife said, they received calls and messages from different countries, frightening his family.

With this, we see a destructing face of our democracy where even media is not free to land opinions.

The downfall is a sheer matter of shame for a country which is known for, “unity in diversity”.
In fact, these fulminations sound so platitudinous; we hardly feel any sense of respect for the protestors. So, in the end, for whom do they fight? I would say,

Any type of revolt which brings death threats for innocent is not a fight for change, but for obsession.

The aggression was so sheer that, some people even filed a complaint against him, under the section 295(A) in Hyderabad police station. Many complaints were registered in Mumbai as well.

To this, Rohit tweeted, “कई थानों में मेरे ख़िलाफ़ शिकायत कर के तसल्ली नहीं हुई है शायद. अब फ़ोन कर के, गालियों भरे मैसेज भेज कर, मेरे परिवार को धमकियाँ दे कर अगर अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी का जश्न मना रहे हैं अमन पसंद लोग, तो मनाएँ!”

The hullaballoo somewhat came to peace when the journalist tweeted an apology.



During this whole war of words and swords, Sardana brought forward many threat messages to seek help from concerned authorities. He promptly asked UP police to take action against this.

After a long wait, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju extended the hand of support for him, tweeting, “Such threats are unlawful. Will follow up with State Police for action. What’s more disheartening is those laudest pseudo-liberal secularists & fake champions of freedom of expression are silent? https://twitter.com/sardanarohit/status/933032793965182977 …”.

We have divided colors, places and even languages. Is it right to do the same with standpoints?

One thing, which we could hardly understand was, why the whole media land was dumbstruck. Were they least bothered or they just didn’t be to interfere? Most probably, the later may be the reason. After all, they witnessed, how much a free opinion can cost.


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