BJP’s Jan Raksha Yatra Begins On A High Note


BJP President Amit Shah launches the impulsive Jan Raksha Yatra in the Kannur district of Kerala to mark the unbridled killings of the RSS and BJP workers in the state under the patronage of the CPM rules government of Pinarayi Vijayan.

Also joining him in this mission was the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, breaking the trends among saffron leaders whose area of has been restricted only to the regional politics. Yogi Adityanath is the only BJP CM to be invited for the rally. BJP’s 15-day padayatra will span across 11 districts in Kerala, covering an area of 154 kms. MAny see this as the BJP’s attempt to get a foothold in Kerala politician a run up for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Launching a slew of allegations against the Kerala CM, Amit Shah deeply condemned the “political killings” of BJP-Sangh workers in Kerala, holding  CM Vijayan solely responsible for such violence.

At the beginning of the 15 day Jan Raksha Yatra from Payannur in Kannur district, considered as the Left stronghold, Amit Shah said that since 2001, 84 BJP and RSS workers have been killed in Kannur alone and 120 of them have been murdered, which displays the grim picture of the political polarisation in the state.

He stated, “The blood stains of more than 120 BJP and RSS workers killed in political violence in Kerala are in your (Pinarayi Vijayan’s) clothes. You are directly responsible for the killing of CPM’s opponents.”

Yogi Aditynath’s presence will be vital in building up the Hindutva quotient to polarise the action against the CPM government in Kerala. The UP Chief Minister lashed out at the CPM led Kerala government and asserted that the government is tacitly breeding Jihadi terrorism under the specter of good governance.

The soul and slogan of the yatra is “All have to live! Against Jehadi Red-terror”, is the political narrative the BJP is using against the Left and the Islamic fundamentalists who have supposedly joined hands to fight the Modi government.

Adityanath reiterated that a lot of injustice is being done to the BJP-Sangh Parivar, and through this mass procession, we want to open the eyes of the people and show them that how Left front governments in Kerala, Tripura and West Bengal are exploiting their powers in the name of violence against the innocent.

As thousands of BJP supporters gathered the venue from where the Jan Raksha Yatra started, BJP Chief Amit Shah boosted his influence as he hailed the contributions of renowned social reformers from Kerala like Adi Shankaracharya, Chattambiswamikal, and Sri Narayana Guru. He said that Kerala which was a peace-loving state of the cultural milestone is now corrupted with political violence.

BJP's Jan Raksha Yatra Begins On A High Note
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Meanwhile, as the BJP President continued his masterstroke campaign against the CPM led government in Kerala, the CPM, on the other hand, took to Twitter with trolls and taunts against the BJP leaders. The CPM released a set of posters and tweets deprecating the BJP’s performance at the center. In one such tweet, senior CPM leader and state home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan is quoted as saying, “Amit Shah has imported BJP workers from other states for his Kerala procession. They can finally get to use actual toilets instead of taking a dump on roadsides.” CPM General Secretary Sitaram yechury also joined the attacks against BJP on social media asking it to bring other BJP CMs too to take a lesson from CPM led Kerala.

The Jan Raksha yatra will carry on in Delhi and all state capitals and finally conclude in Thiruvananthapuram on October 17th with the launching of the new Jan Sampark Abhiyan.

Addressing a large gathering of cadres at Pilathara, Amit Shah snapped, (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi has ended the politics casteism, dynasty, and appeasement. And now you are going to end the communist politics of violence.”



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