Authorities Break Silence on Kathua and Unnao Rape Cases

Kathua and Unnao Rape Cases

The bedlam of minor gang rape cases in Kathua (Jammu and Kashmir) and Unnao
(UP), has brought the nation to the point of unreasonable anguish. We could see
the draws of Nirbhaya protests emerging on social media.
We are seeing the reactions sprouting from all over the country. A lot has been
said and mentioned, so here in this write-up, we will bring the important points
made by considerate country leaders.
Jammu & Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti spoke the words of satisfaction over
Supreme Court taking notice on an attempt by lawyers in Kathua district, “I
commend the manner in which the people of Jammu dismissed communal forces
and were unwavering in their support for a little girl. It has strengthened my
belief that Jammu serves as a model of inclusiveness and together the people of J-
K inspire secular unity and righteousness”.
She further said, “ Heartening to see the Supreme Court take cognizance of the
attempted obstruction of justice by some lawyers in the brutal Kathua rape and
murder case reminding us once again of the greatness of this nation”.

Protest for Modi replies Kathua and Unnao Rape Cases

Recently, PM Narendra Modi broke his long hauled silence on the minor rape case
of 8-year- old in J&K and Unnao case.
PM Modi made the legitimate promise of justice saying, “The incidents that are in
the discussion in the country for the last two days do not reflect well on any
civilized country. This is shameful”.
PM Modi decided to speak after Central Bureau of Investigation detained accused
BJP MLA Kuldip Singh Sengar in UP.

He further said, “It is an insult to freedom fighters who gave their lives for the
independence of this country. We are all ashamed as a society, as a country”.
Modi marked these words during the Ambedkar National Memorial inaugural

News Kathua and Unnao Rape Cases

Below are some developments in Kathua Gang Rape and murder case:
1. J&K CM Mufti to request for fast-track court:
CM Mehbooba Mufti will request the state High court for a fast-track court.
According to the norm, this fast-track court will reach final step within 90 days of.
Also, she has ensured exemplary punishment for accused.
2. PDP Meeting:
PDP leadership set a meeting today thoroughly discuss the case. A party
spokesperson said, “A meeting of senior party leaders is being held on Saturday
and important issues relating to political, party and administration in J&K will be
3. As per DGP, crime branch did a laudable job:
Singh reported that “The crime branch has done a commendable job in
investigating the unfortunate rape and murder of the girl. They are very

Modi replies Kathua and Unnao Rape Cases
4. Compensation for Victim family of Kathua:
The Jammu Bar Association requested for compensation for victim’s family. As per
the reports, the family of the eight-year- old girl has left for pasture lands, which
lies deep in the hills. They have high hopes that there will be justice done in this
case. Police mentioned that “They do it every summer. They have not abandoned
the hamlet. Neither they fled nor they were forced out”.

Also, the apex court made the statement that “It is the duty of the Bar Association
as a collective body and they cannot obstruct the process of law. If a lawyer who
is engaged, is obstructed from appearing in the court or if his client is deprived of
being represented in the court when he is entitled to do so in a lawful manner,
that affects the dispensation of justice and would amount to obstruction of access
to justice and interference with the administration of justice”.


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