BJP Karnataka Rally | Shah Termed Siddaramaiah Rule as the Most Dysfunctional Govt

BJP Karnataka Rally | Shah Termed Siddaramaiah Rule

Recently, BJP president Amit Shah addressed on the occasion of final road show in Karnataka. Shah brought various important aspects of Karnataka state. Before starting his speech, Shah thanked and applauded all the BJP workers. He mentioned that, more than 400 road shows were conducted in which all BJP workers came together and contributed in connecting with Karnataka public. While talking about the last road show, Shah mentioned that, it was a great extravaganza.

In last 5 years, Karnataka Experienced the Most Dysfunctional Government

Shah highlighted the fact that, in his 50000 long Karnataka journey (yatra), he could apparently see the disappointment of the public. Karnataka public has been fairly vocal about the bad functioning of Siddaramaiah government.

Farmers Suicides

More than 3500 farmers succumbed to suicide during the tenure of Congress in Karnataka. The worst condition is that, they do not even want to comment on this matter of increased farmers’ suicides.

It is a shocking fact that, farmers suicide rose at a rate of 173 %. On the other hand, in the state of Maharashtra, farmer suicide has decreased by a rate of 42%, which shows BJP’s sensitivity towards farmers.

Law Conditions

Law conditions are equally destroyed in the state of Karnataka as we have seen the instances of murder in restaurants, attempt to child rape in which that girl’s father’s shop was burned and many such cases. In last 5 years, the cases of chain snatching rose up by 150%.

Negative Publicity against Center Government Schemes

Shah mentioned that, PM Modi government ran more than 3 lakh schemes in Karnataka which is condemned by Congress. Congress asks if we have done any favour by running those schemes. Shah said that, “we do not consider it as a favour, as we take it as our duty to serve the nation”.

Further he said that, “there has been a considerable gap in the amount spent by Congress government and BJP government”.

They Returned to Their Original Mode of Doing Elections

With the recent exposure of fake voter ID cards, Congress returned to its original form of fighting elections. As Shah said, “they went so desperate for winning this election that, they applied all measures of increasing the numbers. They wish to win it by hook or by crook”. A raid in CM’s own region shows that, how money is traded in this session of Karnataka elections.

Shah clarified that; people must not fall for such measures as BJP will keep tight security on all booths.


CM Recently Learned About Kannada Culture

Shah pointed out that, now that Siddaramaiah is talking a lot about Kannada Sanskriti, people and culture, it shows that, he recently learned this from computer. In the span of years, they did not remember any Kannada hero and celebrated their day.


BJP Plans for Karnataka

Shah announced that:

  • BJP will bring reformed irrigation schemes in the state
  • They plan to provide a massive support for Rabi and Kharif production
  • Introduction of “Market Intervention Programme” for fair prices of vegetables
  • A financial aid of Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 farmers
  • BPL girls will receive mangalsutra and financial help of 25,000 irrespective of caste and religion.
  • Smart fund scheme for women empowerment
  • Free laptop distribution for college students
  • Temples will get Rs. 500 crore financial aid for maintenance. Also, the money received from temples that go to state government will be used for temples and tourism boost.
  • A proposal for SC scholarship scheme
  • Plans for the betterment of infrastructure, revival of ponds.
  • A special establishment of R&D for Betel (supari), so that it can be separated from the association with tobacco.
  • Organisation of International coffee trade


With these suggestions, Shah maintained that, BJP is looking forward to running full-fledged development in the state of Karnataka. He also mentioned that, under the surveillance of Modi government in center, India is enjoying better security and advanced economy. They wish to bring the same in the state of Karnataka.


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