Congress Don’t Have Development Numbers by Its Side – Shah

Karnataka elections has been stretched from the grounds of mere state Rajya Sabha elections. Both the political factions are circling around the matters of caste politics and development. However, it is apparent that, Congress is very much focused on Lingayat card, while BJP is constantly mentioning its development stats. In this interview with Amit Shah, we could see, Shah calling Congress’s rule over Karnataka as a failed attempt. Below are some quick points which interviewer covered with BJP president Amit Shah:


Q. You have covered 41255 km. journey (yatra) in Karnataka, covering many districts and villages. Is BJP ready to talk in winning numbers now?

Ans. We have not reached to any quantifiable data till now, but I can assure that, we will win by comfortable majority in Karnataka.


Q. Do you think that, it is becoming more of a Mandir-Masjid politics?

Ans. Before every election, we worship in temple. There is nothing new and no political agenda behind it.


Q. How BJP deals with Lingayat masterstroke?

Ans: BJP stand is clear that during election, there should not be talks about partition and castes. Congress has always been doing this, as they do not have development agenda.

Q.Could they do it before the election and make Lingayat a separate religion?

Ans. It is clear that, they cannot work on any development agenda. There is no law and order, we have been witnessing daytime murders, rape cases and atrocities performed by CM’s son.  In this scenario, development cannot be spoken about, that is why, they brought Lingayat agenda.


Q. Is Karnataka election is moving towards Hindu-Muslim conflict as yogi ji said, “Hum Karnataka to Jihadiyo ki sharnasthali nahi banne denge”?

Ans: Why do you understand Hindu-Muslim by jihadi? In any state, jihadi should not be encouraged.


Q. Gulam Nabi Azad is trying to bring together Muslims and vote Congress. Is this an attempt to polarize?

Ans: Yes, they are doing it. We do not do politics on the basis of ‘Dharam’. Our 14 workers were killed and they did not do anything.


Q. Do you think the matter of Pakistan is getting involved in these polls now? PM Modi talked about the surgical strike and Amit Shah tweeted that, “The Congress and Pakistan have amazing telepathy. Yesterday, Pakistan government remembered Tipu Sultan, whose Jayanti (birth anniversary) the Congress marks with fanfare and today Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar admires Jinnah. Be it Gujarat or Karnataka polls, I fail to understand why Congress involves Pakistan”.

Ans: I just put my thought in front of public, which is my right. I tried to highlight the telepathy of Congress party and Pakistan, which seems to support the same idea. Karnataka is a traditional state with involvement of many people taking its traditions forward, but they celebrated only Tipu Sultan. This is a considerable point here.

Q.What do you say about opinion polls which recently showed BJP ahead but not initially?

Ans. It has been a trend that, opinion polls show us losing at first but then exit poll show us winning and we also win the election.


Q.BJP is against “Vanshwaad” (ancestry in democracy) but Reddy family members got some tickets. What do you say about it?

Ans. Vanshwad meaning is different. If you look at Congress dynasty, you will understand what is ancestry. Giving tickets to deserving candidates, who happens to be from a leaders family is not vanshwad.


Shah also pointed out that by naming it a “Bhagwa Atankwaad) (Saffron Terrorism), they are connecting Hindu with terrorism and they are disrespected the culture. We spread Vasudev Kutumbakam and India never took army in other countries and longed for power. Rahul Gandhi should apologize immediately for using such words.


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