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Datasheet of BJP Wins

India is a nation of diversity. The color, language, culture change in every 100 km. It is not less than a miracle if a political party manages to unite such diverse land and color its saffron. We can not call it a political demarche, but the support, which BJP managed to garner from a huge and diverse nation.

If we look at the elections stats from the year 2014-2017, BJP has managed to gain majority votes in most of the elections. For example, In Haryana and Maharashtra elections, BJP decided to fight elections without any alliance. The results were terrific, as the party managed to get 47 out of 90 seats, as compared to 4 seats in the year 2014.

Bharatiya Janta Party is the only political faction in the country, which is running prosperous 5 years without any charges of corruption. The policies made by BJP are in the favour of the poor section of the society.

As BJP President Amit Shah mentioned in one of his interviews, that, “all other parties are making alliances to see BJP losing. It is such auspicious for their tenure that, they have to get together to break the stronghold of BJP”.

Moving further, in Maharashtra elections, BJP appeared for the fight without making any necessary alliances. The party got an overwhelming response and won with 122 seats out of 248 seats. On contrary in the year 2009, BJP had received mere 46 seats. Such improvement manifests BJP’s positive attitude towards the country.

Even in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP locked a considerable number of seats. With 27 seats out of 87, BJP made alliance government in J&K.

Other stories are no different, as, in Jharkhand elections, BJP won 37 seats out of 81 as compared to 18 seats in the year 2009.

When we talk about Delhi, BJP could not put up its usual show. However, in Nikay elections, BJP won with the majority.

The states of East will no longer in dismay of being different from mainlands of India. In Assam, BJP’s performance was surprisingly favorable. While in 2011, BJP could secure just 2 seats out of 126, in the year 2016, the party won 60 seats out of 126.

West Bengal, which is the pivot point of Mamta Banerjee, it was almost impossible for BJP in 2011 to win any seats. But, in the year 2016, BJP began with a kick-start of 3 seats, out of 294. Nevertheless, it is a healthy sign of splendid performance.

Till, 2016, BJP had never won any elections in the state of Kerala. In the elections of 2016, we saw a different picture, where BJP secured 15% vote share along with one seat.

In the state of Goa, BJP registered its third win, with 21 seats out of 40.

Also, in the state of Uttarakhand, people were ready to give the command in the hands of BJP. Hence party won more than 2/3rd seats. While in 2012, BJP could just 31 seats, in the year 2017, the party closed the lead with 57 seats out of 70.


Then comes, the UP (Uttar Pradesh ) saga. The largest state in the country, which has a major political influence around the nation. It is said, that, “winning UP means winning center”.

UP triumph was commendable with 312 seats in the favour of BJP. There was a steep hike from 42 seats in the year 2012 to 312 in the year 2017.


Again, Manipur came in the bracket of “no seats” state. But, in the year 2017, the story was different when BJP 21 seats out of 60.


After then came Gujarat elections, during which, BJP scored more than 50% votes.

How can we forget Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland elections, which brought the victory uproar for BJP?

Till 2013, there were almost no votes for BJP and making a government was out of the question. But, winning to this hard deal was no less than a triumph for the saffron party.

This series of wins is captivating and gives us newer hopes for “New India”. It is apparent that public is with BJP, a party which shares the vision of “New India”.


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