Fake Voter ID Cards, Bengaluru | Election Commission Demands Thorough Inspection

Fake Voter ID Cards, Bengaluru

With the seizure of 10,000 voter ID cards in Bengaluru, Karnataka elections got a massive whirl. Just three days before polls, this news led to innumerable accusations between both BJP and Congress. As per the reports, these voter ID cards are from ‘vulnerable’ voters who may have been bribed.

BJP demanded to cancel the voting in the area. However, this seems to be a legitimate solution, the election commission called this ‘far from possible’.

In fact, a source mentioned that “People can vote even without voter IDs by showing other proof. So just because 9,000 cards were found in that place, it doesn’t warrant cancellation of polls in Rajarajeshwari Nagar”.

Both the political factions are not lagging behind in accusing each other of this finding. The person named Rakesh informed the BJP about the ID cards. The apartment owner Manjula Nanjamari and her son Sridhar claims that they knew nothing about the whole card collection spectacle.

However, the Congress is alleging that Manjula Nanjamari formerly belonged to BJP. On contrary, BJP is denying any such link with her. On the other hand, Manjula has confirmed that she had been a BJP supporter but not very much active these days.

Clearing the air, BJP informed that, when they were tipped off by Rakesh, they reached to the flat on the evening of Tuesday. After 3-4 hours, police and election commission reached the spot and seized five computers, printer and voter list forms amounting to thousands.

Sanjiv Kumar, who is Karnataka’s Chief Electoral Officer mentioned that the IDs look very near to genuine but these were kept with almost one lakh of counterfoil strips. These foils are used to add new names on the electoral rolls.

According to Union minister Prakash Javadekar, Congress lawmaker Munirathna Naidu is behind this whole racket.

While campaigning in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said that “Thousands of voter ID cards and 1 lakh voters slips were seized in just one place. They must have planned such games in 40-50 constituencies. You (voters) be alert. Such sin cannot be allowed during the celebration of democracy (polls)”.

Election Commission of India has demanded a more comprehensive report on the issue. Certainly, they do not adhere to first assessment report which was submitted by Karnataka State chief electoral office.

In the previous report, some key issues are said to be un-addressed, which is why the election commission is demanding for another report.

EC has appointed Chandra Bhushan Kumar (Deputy Election Commissioner) as the main spectator of the case and comprehensively assess it from a versatile view point. The voter ID card controversy is appearing as a fully-fledged political planning.


As reports say, “The State CEO office has only sent us a preliminary report so far which has left many key questions unattended. There are serious questions about how a civilian entity forced its way into a residence and attempted to raid it. Allegations have been made about the ownership of this residence and who may have kept the seized voter ID cards there. These need to be answered. We have sought a comprehensive report on the matter with full facts”.

Further, it was added that “Since there are criticism and complaints made by both the Congress and the BJP, these have also been communicated to the CEO and the special observer to also provide full facts relevant to the points raised in the complaints”.

Sanjiv Kumar also added that “These voter cards were systematically collected one by one for some purpose. It looks like an effort to influence vulnerable voters”.

The flying group seized 9,896 EPIc, 27,042 voter application acknowledgement receipts, with and without BBMP seals, three copiers (badly working), five laptops, 9 mobile phones, some driving license and PAN cards.


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