French President Macron’s Visit to India is Upsurging the Solar Alliance Possibilities

French President Macron’s Visit to India

On Saturday, India the and France agreed upon 14 pacts to give a nourishment to defence system and energy cooperation system of the country. These agreements were made during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to India.

Macron mentioned India and France will corporate and work together according to the deal. This treaty has been made to combat the heavy threats of terrorism. Also, they are focused on the issue of radicalization, which happens to be the roots an of growing terrorism.

Two aspiring and big countries cooperating each other in terms of defence is significant and important. PM Narendra Modi sees it as values on the basis of equality and liberty. Also, this echoes fraternity in both the nations.

Macron enthusiastically mentioned that “Defence cooperation between the two countries now has a new significance”.

Following this agreement, India and France will work towards opening their naval bases to a warship. This is a very clear move towards eroding China’s plans for territory making.

  • On Saturday, the official welcome preparations began from 9 am. The arrangements were made at Rashtrapati Bhavan, where Mr. Macron was given a grand ceremonial welcome. His meeting with PM Modi was scheduled for the afternoon which was followed by delegation-talks and signing of deals.
  • Various agreements were made related to major decisions such as nuclear cooperation among the two nations. Along with this, provision for electric mobility in Indian Railways and metros was considered for cities like Pune and Nagpur. Despite this, space cooperation is an important agenda for the betterment of naval cooperation.
  • PM Modi and President Macron also paired for a conference of International Solar Alliance. ISA is an aspiring project initiated by PM Modi with the consent of French president. This is a sideline of the Paris climate conference. To undermine the emissions, India and France have pledged to work raptly in this direction.
  • PM Modi mentioned in his tweet that, “ The ISA (International Solar Alliance) is a unique effort that brings the world together to harness solar energy and create a cleaner as well as greener future”. It is quite auspicious that both the leaders are keenly interested in renewal and clean energy.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron also made an important announcement regarding the additional expenditure of 700 million euros for the purpose of global solar energy generation. The motive is to fight the extensive issues of climate change. By the year 2022, they are planning to bring this mission into the mainstream.

Macron addressed the summit saying, “ Mr. Prime Minister, you made a dream and we did it. It was about this International Solar Alliance. It was two years ago, it was just an idea at that time and we decided together to act very quickly.”

He continued saying that, “Our Solar Mamas did not wait for us. They started to act and delivered complete results. They did not wait and stop because some countries (US and others) just decided to leave the floor and leave the Paris Agreement. Because they (ISA nations) decided it is good for them, their children, and grandchildren. They decided to act.”

60 countries have agreed and signed the treaty to accompany ISA (International Solar Alliance). Besides, 32 countries have given a formal consent to make it a possibility.

President Macron’s visit to India is not limited to ISA, as he will also visit Taj Mahal and PM Modi’s constituency in Varanasi.

Apart from this, a formal interaction with students from around the country was also organized.

French President’s last visit to India occurred during January 2016. President Macron also attended Republic Day celebration in New Delhi. He was invited as the chief guest of the ceremony. Previous year when Mr. Macron was chosen as President, PM Modi paid a visit to France.


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