HP Elections Debate Kullu: Leaders Go Speechless As Intelligent Voters Takeover


At a political debate held a couple of hours ago by a renowned news channel at the Dussehra Ground in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, both the Congress and BJP leaders were surprisingly shut up when the crowd came up with some important questions regarding their concerns for the development of the district.


Kullu is a vast district with 4 seats out of the total 68 for the assembly elections. A prominent news channel’s attempt, to bring to the forefront the ideologies of the candidates, up for assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, went in vain when the political leaders of the region were left speechless by the interrogating crowd.


Congress leader Buddhi Singh was accompanied by Dharamveer Dhami, belonging to the same political party while BJP was represented by Maheshwar Singh, the candidate for the party from Kullu constituency. People at homes and the Dussehra Ground were eager to know what the two major parties had in store for them if they cast their valuable votes to them but unfortunately, the political leaders were caught up in a blame-game without holding much weight in what they said. After accusing each other of corruption and misconduct, they went on to alleging the news channel for being bias.


The crowd had some really interesting questions put up for the leaders like what the leaders and their party had done for the district in the past and how were they going to resolve the current issues. The political leaders, however, were so unprepared that they had no answers to these queries and resorted to changing the topic towards pointing fingers at each other.


It is quite common in areas like Kullu to bribe the common people into voting for a particular candidate. A few days ahead of elections, late night parties, liquor and all sorts of financial help is ready from such leaders. Bribery being so common, there is no room for an intelligent debate and whenever an event like this is organised, the leaders are left without satisfying words.


People have had enough of corruption and fake promises in the name of development. This time voting is going to be backed by logics. But the bigger question is, ‘In the dearth of intelligent and progressive leaders from both the leading parties, who should one vote for?’


It is 2017 indeed, and people are more politically aware today than ever before. It is quite astonishing to see, then, that the political leaders are totally ruling out the intelligence factor of the crowd they are seeking votes from. It is true that you cannot win elections by pointing out what others did not do rather than informing people of your potential and shining past records. The state ranks among the top ones in terms of education and literacy rate which is why people make informed decisions in Himachal Pradesh today. It is therefore important that these political parties actually look into the problems of the masses and try solving them rather than blaming each other and taking shortcuts to fame and power.

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