Major Leetul Gogoi, who tied man to jeep in J&K, awarded for counter-insurgency ops.

Major Leetul Gogoi, officer who tied protester to jeep in Kashmir, honoured by Army Chief Bipin

The Army Chiefs Commendation Card for Major Leetul Gogoi of the 53 Rashtriya Rifles, comes even as a Court of Inquiry into the tying of the Kashmiri man to the jeeps bonnet purportedly as a shield against stone pelters was going on.

All factors including notable performance of Major Gogoi and “overall emerging indicators” of the Court of Inquiry, have been “well-considered” while conferring the award on him, Army sources said, in clear indication of the Army’s support to his prompt decision to tie the man purportedly to protect soldiers from stone-throwers.

Major Gogoi has been awarded Chief of Army Staffs Commendation Card for sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations,” Army spokesperson Aman Anand said.

Major Gogoi was awarded during Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat’s recent visit to Jammu and Kashmir.

Nitin Gogoi was born in Guahati. He did schooling from Guahati and cracked UPSC NDA examination in his first attempt. He went to RMA for training and had joined Indian Army in 2013. In a very short span of time, he attracted attention by senior Army officers by his brilliant idea to fight terrorism.

Nitin Gogoi has always wanted posting in Kashmir. He has been instrumental in killing many terrorists.

A video was leaked few months back where some Kashmiri youths were thrashing a CRPF guy who was returning from a booth. That video has angered every Indian. People were wondering whether our forces are so helpless that even after slapping by some youths they were not responding. However, they were ordered to remain under control.

Majority of youths throwing stones are youths and they are actually not aware of the reality. They are just brainwashed by Separatists and Lutyen’s Media in Delhi. But the real question was about handling them without pallet guns.

Nitin Gogoi was also leading a team of ITBP forces after election. He had to ensure the security of forces as well as election staffs. He had to ensure the safety of EVM machines. And, he was asked not to fire towards stone pelters.

When he was returning, some youths came there and started to throw stones. An ITBP guy somehow caught one of them. Nitin ordered that the guy be tied on the bonnet of a jeep. That jeep was to lead all vehicles related to election.

When stone pelters and terrorists masquerading as civilians saw this, they remain awestruck. There is no way they can throw stone or do anything. That will hurt another misguided guy being tied on the bonnet. The caravan of security forces passed without any resistance.

No forces were hurt. No civilians were hurt. That was a credible solution manifesting the importance of ‘out of box’ thinking. Nitin Gogoi found this novel idea.

A video of this incident was leaked on the social media first shared by Omar Abdullah. All hell bent lose in Delhi. Corrupt media persons of India started to demand action against the Major. Honest and nationalists were praising the Major.

Recently, when Lutyen’s Delhi was demanding action against Nitin, the Army inquiry had absolved him from all charges. As if that was not enough, the Indian Army Chief has recommended him for Army Chief Commendation Card for his sustained efforts in various operations.

The force and the government had defended the action ordered by Major Leetul Gogoi from Assam. Army officials had earlier said the troops were forced to take the extreme step to save themselves from stone-pelting, which has become one of the most common and frequent form of protests in Kashmir since the killing of militant commander Burhan Wani.

The government also backed the army, with the country’s top law officer saying in April that the officer-in-charge “did a smart thing and defused a nasty situation”.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi had said the major was summoned by officials to a poll booth since they were surrounded by hundreds of suspected stone pelters.

“The poll booth is symbolic of democracy. He (the major) should not be criticised. The army should be applauded. They are guarding our northern and north-eastern frontiers admirably,” Rohatgi had said in a statement.

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