Meghalaya Election CM Oath Taking | Once Again BJP Outplays Congress


Bjp win's in Meghalaya

Meghalaya elections are over but the uncertainty still remains in the air. NPP leader Conrad Sangma set a meeting with Meghalaya Governor, Ganga Prasad to form the government in the state. The government will be formed with the reinforcement of 34 MLAs.

Once again, BJP with just two seats outflanked the Congress, by improvising at the last moment and forming a coalition government in Meghalaya.

Here, BJP has managed to defeat the oldest and grandest party with its skillful bypassing.

BJP played quite a central role in merging this mega alliance. They secured up the aid of 34 legislators for the upcoming government in this Northeast state. The current alliance which will rule the state will be led by NPP (National People’s Party). This is formed with the support of 19 seats.

Conrad Sangma (National People’s Party) chief has taken the lead of the state. Conrad Sangma is the 12th chief minister of Meghalaya with the support of an alliance of 5 parties. These five parties are National People’s Party, United Democratic Party, People’s Democratic Front, Hill State People’s Democratic Party and BJP.

Conrad held over the rein of the NPP in the year 2016, when his father PA Sangma (former Lok Sabha speaker) got expired.

Currently, Conrad is a Lok Sabha MP from Tura (constituency in Meghalaya).

During his oath ceremony, Conrad Sangma firmly admitted that “it will not be easy to run a coalition government”.

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Conrad Sangma also said that “In a democratic process, everyone has a right to express their views. The HSPDP chief was right in expressing what he left. But there is also a parliamentary party of the HSPDP and ultimately they are with us”.

The whole power-play turned out to be quite notorious for Congress. BJP team did not waste even a single minute in outwitting the Congress rule. The party rule is limited to now just four Indian states including Punjab, Karnataka, Puducherry and Mizoram.

Congress’s confidence is shattered to the ground. Certainly, they did not suspect such cracked verdict and were hoping to turn around the anti-incumbency running from two terms.

BJP did not put any bars on trying and error method. BJP was intr non-stop contact with the main faces from past few months. Combining a political alliance with these regional chiefs was not a hassle.

Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi came with a stinging attack for BJP saying, “With just 2 seats, the BJP has usurped power in Meghalaya, through a proxy. Like in Manipur & Goa, showing utter disregard for the mandate of the people. Obsesses instead of grabbing power, using big money to create an opportunistic alliance. #DemocracyDemonetised.”


Conrad Sangma also said that “Next 2-3 days are very crucial because Assembly term gets over”. The house expires on 7th, before that everything has to take place and by tomorrow everything will be clear”.

Bjp big wins in northeast (Meghalaya Election )


The state will have no deputy chief minister.

BJP MLA Himanta Biswa Sarma mentioned that “Currently we have 34 members, NPP -19, BJP-2, UDP-6, HSPDP-2, PDF-4 and 1-independent. Number likely to go up. Rahul Gandhi sent four senior leaders of the party to Shillong without any calculations on government formation. I don’t see maturity in him”.

Sarma also mentioned that, “How can we have the upper hand? BJP has 2, upper hand will be NPP 19, followed by next upper hand UDP, and they are 6. We are in discussion with PDF also. That is why at 5 pm we are going to meet governor with 29 members that number will definitely go up”.


BJP leader, Kiren Rijiju also said, “We are not a big player here. We have come to express our support to the regional parties to form a non-Congress government”.

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