Modi Addresses SC/ST, OBC, Slum Morcha Workers of Karnataka

Modi Addresses sc st obc Slum Morcha Workers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently concluded his Karnataka campaign and returned to New Delhi to address the slum morcha karyakartas who play a vital role in the organization of rallies across the country.

In his speech to the morcha workers Modi said, the morcha workers are always in close contact with the various sections of the society from whom they collect all the information and pass on to the social welfare organizations and the government. Then in return, they coordinate all the policies and implementation schemes from the government and welfare organizations to the different sections of society.

The selfless service and the devotion lend by the morcha workers towards their job is indeed praiseworthy.

The morcha karyakartas are spreading the sermons of BJP to all the homes. I thank all my morcha workers from the bottom of my heart for promoting the ideals of BJP to different corners of the country and circulate all the party information at different levels of the society.

It is a proven fact that BJP is one of the fast developing parties today which is trying to spread the message of social equality which is the reason why large numbers of SCs, STs, and OBC classes are also associated with BJP.

BJP also holds the largest numbers of SC/STs, minority and OBCs as members of parliament, trying to march forward together towards progress.

The BJP is working 24×7 for the development and empowerment of the lower sections of the society.

I appeal to all of you to visit the homes of people from SC/ST, OBC and minority sections and brief them on the welfare schemes implemented for them by the government.

It is our duty to inform them about the different welfare schemes of the government and ascertain everyone has voting rights to choose their favorite government and work towards the development of the underprivileged category.

I follow the rules of “Antodaya” given by Pandit Nanadayal which means the welfare of the most underprivileged class be it the Dalits, tortured, poor, tribal, exploited or deprived, we have to tirelessly and selflessly work for their upliftment.

I’m quite aware of the struggles faced by Babasaheb Ambedkar, but besides the tribulations, he came across, his life is also filled with hopes and inspirations, dreaming of an India free from despondency and despair.

Realizing the goal of an incredible India in which everyone will walk together burying the internal differences.

After the first meeting of the constitutional committee, on 17th December 1947, Dr. Ambedkar said, “the social, economic and political development of this nation is inevitable if not today then tomorrow. When the right time arrives this large nation will unite and no power in the world can obstruct its progress. In spite of the presence of different sects and castes in this nation, we will definitely come together and I have least doubt on that.”

Before Babasaheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule started an active campaign to rescue the society from all the evil practices. He chose two main objectives for social reforms- education and women empowerment.

He promoted women’s education in a period when very few people in the society had the privilege of education. He opened schools for Dalits and women with the cooperation of his wife Savitri Bai Phule.

The same attempt was made by Sant Kabirdas and Raidas to remove discrimination of caste and creed in the society. They spent their entire life on the philosophy of existence and preaching equality of all human beings.

He said, “Ek hi pavan, ek hi paani, ek jyoti samsara, ek hi khaak, gade sab pande ek hi sirjan hara.”

Let’s take a look at India’s progress chart-

Friends, you will be pleased to know that today India is the largest producer of steel in the world, today India is the largest producer of mobile phones in the world. India is the third largest producer of electricity in the world. Also, India has the fourth largest automobile industry in the world.

99 cities in India are on the verge of being converted into smart cities. We can already see the impact of AMRUT infrastructure initiative in India’s 500 cities.

A Transformative Jalmarg Vikas Project has been launched for national waterways. Already 11 island waterways have been declared national waterways in 24 states.

99 irrigation projects have been scheduled to be completed by 2019 so that the farmers get water supply in agricultural fields.

We have decided that we will send the messages of these great men to the nation’s new generation, to fortify their confidence and open the avenues for progress and prosperity.

My government has constantly tried to pick norms to protect the rights of the lower classes. In 2015 the Prevention of Atrocities Act was strengthened by adding 25 different crimes to the law under which the rights Dalits and SC/STs are abused.

The BJP has taken major steps towards the progress of SC/STs and OBCs in the Karnataka manifesto.

A Maharshi Valmiki Chhatravarti Yojana with a fund allocation of 1500 crore has been planned for higher education of ST students.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Saubhagya scheme free electricity has reached in 400 crore homes across India. On behalf of Ayushman Bharat scheme 50 crore, people will be granted much-needed health insurance programs.

A lump sum loan amount of Rs 12 crore has been sanctioned under the MUDRA scheme and through Stand Up India SC/STs and women entrepreneurs have been motivated for start-up venture investments.

A staggering Rs1.27 crore loan has been allocated for small entrepreneurs in Karnataka which accounts for 10.6 % more of the total loan sanctioned for the entire nation.

If we take a firm initiative to promote education and sports among the slum dwelling kids then they can climb the ladder of success very fast and earn recognition in the society.

If the BS Yeddyurappa government comes to power then we can rest assured that the SC/STs and OBCs will be granted electricity, houses, gas connection, water, employment, LED bulbs so that their lives are transformed. The morcha workers from slums are the pillars of BJP who reach to the grass root levels to claim the most valuable votes.

I salute their dedication and determination in service towards the nation.

I’m grateful to the people of Karnataka who have showered their love and shown immense cooperation in the run-up to these elections. Thank you so much.


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