Modi’s Public Address in Chikamaglur Promises BJP’s Undisputed Victory

Modi’s Public Address in Chikamaglur

As the days for the Karnataka assembly elections approach nearer the campaigning strategy gets intense and attacks going viral in the media with the all the three parties in the fray-BJP, Congress and the JD(secular) eyeing for the maximum vote share in the elections slated for 12th May.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his last leg of election campaigning in Karnataka with an overwhelming response in all his rallies with the one in Chikamagalur being equally responsive.

Modi began his address on an enthusiastic note saying,” I received a warm welcome from the people of Chikamagalur all through the way and even here in the midst of this grand audience. Those people who criticize the EVMs and its results should come and see this large gathering waiting to hear me.

Tomorrow the 10th of May is the last day of campaigning for elections but I can definitely assure that on 12th of May, the people of Karnataka will cast their votes on a lotus (BJP sign) and end the prospects of Congress party.”

Once the Congress party comes to know about its defeat its members will start propagating discouraging sentiments to demoralize the BJP cadre which is all set to win this election.

Karnataka is the revered land of Adi Shankaracharya, the birthplace of Vedas from where the knowledge of Advaita spread all over the world.

The place which enlightened us with principles of Advaita, the land which sent us the message of equality is being fragmented in the name of caste, creed, sect, and language by the Congress party for electoral gains.

Besides the Congress is also trying to gain control over the religious places and Non-profit organizations.

Karnataka is a cosmopolitan state promoting equal rights for its people where people from every state are treated with dignity.

We are all aware of how Congress has been manipulative and exploitative in its motives. We are aware when an emergency was declared in 1978 Indira Gandhi contested from Chikamagalur to regain her Prime Ministership in the center. So should we trust a clan which turned its back after winning elections?

If we look at Amethi, the home constituency of Rahul Gandhi we can see what the situation is. Rahul Gandhi must have been promoted to the status of Congress President but their party policies remain a stalemate.

The Congress party has time and again demolished the principles of democracy and have been giving people fake promises.

The Congress party thinks that the Prime minister’s post is reserved for the Gandhi family.

The Congress party has been consequently losing assembly elections and constituencies for the past four years but still wants to claim its supremacy by hurling false allegations at the Election Commission, the esteemed electoral authority of tampering with EVMs during elections.

The Congress has been proving itself against all the prime investigative agencies like CBI, CAG, Enforcement Directorate and the NIA.

The Congress also shamelessly blames the Indian army for carrying out surgical strikes when the border is at a crisis.

The Congress during its regime had been tampering with the major decisions of Reserve Bank and blaming the credit ranking agencies like World Bank, IMF or Moody’s which have ranked India among the top nations in ease of doing business.

The Congress is also constantly trying to impeach the Chief Justice of India so that they can be acquitted of all the scams and roam scot-free.

The coming 12th of May is very crucial for the state when its fate will be decided. The news which was released last night depicted how fake voter IDs were seized in large numbers created for winning elections by Congress party.

We all are aware of the income tax raid conducted in Badami’s Heritage resort, visited by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, where cash and gold worth 20 crores have been seized said to be used for campaigning purposes.

Carrying out his vitriolic speech against the Congress party Modi said, “Congress is the party which demolishes and creates governments for its selfish motives.”

Karnataka is famous for its coffee production. The coffee board of the state which was the center of controversy all these years under Congress has been resolved by appointment of a farmer as the Chairman of the coffee board.

Karnataka has five main rivers flowing through its land but still, it suffers from water scarcity and the agricultural lands are barren, as no stern action has been taken by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Karnataka produces 50% of the country’s betel nuts and all the bulk of farmers earn their living out of it. But unfortunately, it’s production was stopped by Sonia Gandhi ruled Congress in the UPA with the excuse of health hazard.

The would-be Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has promised to tend to the woes of farmers from all kinds of plantations via a farmer’s helpline

BJP has promised to work on blue economic revolution, fisherman’s harbors, Sagarmala project and planned a capacity expansion of 8 ports with a capacity of 300 lakh tons in the cost of Rs 3000 crores.

We also plan to construct a new port in Belisario.

The BJP promises to take Karnataka to new horizons of development within the stipulated time. If BJP comes to power in this state then it can benefit the power of “double engine”- at the center and the state.

Dear and brothers and sisters promise me that you will vote for BJP to establish a clear, safe and beautiful Karnataka.


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