PM Modi Addresses BJP Karnataka Youth Morcha

PM Modi Addresses BJP Karnataka Youth Morcha
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on his Karnataka tour to carry on his whirlwind campaigning with just few days left in the assembly elections about to kick off.

While the BJP and the Congress are embroiled in the war of words in the state raking in issues to prove their supremacy over each other, Modi’s  scathing attack over the burning issues pointed at the Congress, punctuated by his  emphatic oratory skills gave his party the much needed thrust to ensure a convincing vote share in the elections.

Modi’s Karnataka campaign was very well timed and sorted out targeting various sections of the society including women and youth.

In his recent address to the Karnataka youth wing Modi was all praises with the enthusiasm of the people of Karnataka who came out in his support even in the scorching 45 degrees heat.

Modi was absolutely impressed by the elated spirit of the people of Karnataka during his campaigning.

Looking at the overwhelming response from the people of Karnataka it appears that it’s not the BJP cadre but the people from every section of the society who are contesting the elections.

We can see a sweeping trend in favor of BJP in spite of all the odds and allegations hurled on it by the opposition trying to sideline it with threats of an impending hung assembly post elections, said Modi.

Above all it’s the unflinching dedication of the BJP workers especially the youth wing and their awareness and successful operation of the social media platform which has largely contributed to the success of BJP during the poll campaigns.

Sometimes just a small chant of “Bharat Maata Ki Jai” does the magic.

The BJP youth wing is always in the forefront be it online, offline, on ground, mass contact or personal rapport or in a family, it’s always pushing the boundaries and building strategies emerging as the biggest asset for the saffron brigade.

In politics when we gradually climb the ladder of success we encounter some of the ground realities of the business. Most of the BJP workers have devoted themselves for the service of the nation by taking small responsibilities abiding by the norms of the party for almost 10 to 25 Years.

In our country there are some people who oppose technological development of any sort while on the other hand BJP is trying favor technological advancement of all types be it EVMs, artificial intelligence or skill development, BJP always strives for a progressive India.

Karnataka is a pool of talent the country is proud of setting an example in innovation, technology, energy and enterprise abound. Karnataka is a fertile land and the youth of Karnataka have proven their excellence in every field be it education, science, business or sports.

P Gururaj from Karnataka won the first medal for India in the recently held Common Wealth Games. I was taken aback by the humility of this sportsperson who dedicated his achievement to his village, his state and the nation at large.

The women of this country demonstrated a spectacular performance in the Common Wealth Games and out of them shined one of the marvelous badminton players also from Karnataka named Ashwini Ponnappa, said an exuberant Modi.

Today the nation is abuzz with growth of startups and innovation. India has made a mark in the world of startups. And talking of startups the city that instantly crops in our minds is Bengaluru. It is the pride of Karnataka synonymous with its vivacious, talented, hardworking and courageous youth section.

The Central government has launched lot of entrepreneur friendly schemes in Karnataka for the promotion of startup enterprises. A massive fund of Rs 1.27 crore has been sanctioned by the centre for boosting startup companies. The amount of funds allocated for the youth of Karnataka accounts for 11 % of the nation’s funds allocation scheme for various states.

On behalf of Standup India scheme 2700 entrepreneurs have been given a business credit of more than 641 crores.

Under this scheme the average loan size of Karnataka has been upgraded to 23 lakhs and approximately 1 lakh youths have received skill training under this scheme.

BJP promises launching of various exciting schemes under its Karnataka campaign. BJP promises establishment of 60 state of the art Numma BPO complex in the state.

Also in order to encourage local entrepreneurs to receive loans at low interest rates to set up businesses and BPOs, a corpus fund of Rs 250 crore will be created.

The nation’s largest incubators and startup hubs will be established at Hubli, Kalburgi, Mangaluru, Raichur, Bengaluru and Mysore.

In order to promote and upgrade sports activities in government schools and colleges Rs 100 crores fund will be allocated.

Under the new scheme Chief Minister’s Young Leader’s Program (CMYLP), 50 meritorious candidates will be involved to help in the state assembly.

In Koragu, a field Marshall Kariappa University will be built with training facilities in all kinds of sports faculties. A school of sports medicine will also be present in this institution with provision for coaches training.

Five world class sports centres will be set up at Hubli, Shimoga, Koppal, Malpei, Chamranagar with hostel facilities.

Modi followed his speech with a video encouraging the youth of Karnataka.

This was followed by a live interaction with some BJP youth wing members.

Today terror is the biggest tool to fulfil the political motive, which is absolutely against democracy. There have been various examples of terror reign in this country ever since the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

Today India has the greatest ease of business ranking and greater leaps in Foreign Direct Investments.

In his interaction with a youth Modi stressed on quality of education and quantity of opportunities, a target which India was slated to achieve in the 20th century but never the less the BJP focusses to concentrate on a fast paced growth.

Demographic dividend plays a major role in a democracy.

A National Testing Agency has been created to conduct exams of all higher educational institutions.

The HRD ministry has largely contributed to upgrade the education system of the nation by launching various schemes like Gyaan, Swayam, Quality education, Smart India Hackathon and Research and innovation.

20 institutes of eminence are being established under which some selected public sector institutions will be granted a loan of Rs 10,000 crore.

Also a legal framework has been created to grant autonomy to the Indian Institutes of Management in the country. This is one of the greatest reforms undertaken to give greater decision making abilities these elite institutions.

An initiative to create a conducive innovative ecosystem in schools and colleges is under consideration by the government.

Under Atal Innovation Mission 2400 Atal Tinkering labs are being prioritized to develop scientific temper among students and boost their creativity.

The infrastructure sector is also developing at a rapid speed creating job opportunities for people.

Even foreign medias and agencies have tagged India as one of the prime destinations for investment and business transactions.

BJP has trusted the small scale entrepreneurs to a large extent which has turned up the employment sector. The government has also reformed the newly applied Provident Fund Scheme with great returns.

The Ayushmann Bharat scheme also promises employment to a large number of people who will be involved at various levels of implementation of the scheme from doctors, technicians to panchayat groups.

At the end Modi encouraged different classes of Karnataka demography to come out and vote in favor of BJP and dedicate their highest form of service to the nation.


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