Prime Minister Modi Lashes Out At Congress in a Run Up To Karnataka Elections

Prime Minister Modi Congress in Karnataka
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on his Karnataka tour tearing up the frontiers to create a strong ground ahead of the Karnataka assembly polls.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed three rallies on Thursday to kick off his third phase of election campaigning ahead of the Karnataka polls in Kalaburagi.

Launching a sharp diatribe at the Congress party’s “hollow promises” which misled the people during five years of its rule Modi warned the public from the deviated course of Congress governance.

While the Congress members kept accusing the Modi government of its failure to delivers results at the national level, it has barely brought any development in five years of its Karnataka regime, said Modi.

He maintained that the Congress is back to fool people with its fake election manifesto.

In its recent manifesto Congress promised to invest 300 billion dollars in the IT sector, an expectation which is too good to be true.

The Congress party even made a similar promise to the biotechnology industry promising an investment of 50 billion dollars in five years, again something that’s far from reality showing the true colors of Congress backing out from its promises.

Modi continued his verbal attack at the Congress by saying that “people of Bengaluru have maintained the natural beauty of Bengaluru for years also known as the “Garden City”, but unfortunately the incumbent government has relegated its status to “Garbage City”.

The Congress government also failed to fulfil its promise to build Super Speciality hospital in every district which has come down to building one Super Speciality hospital for every three districts thus losing its credibility to people.

He went on to say that Bengaluru which was once known as the “Computer capital” of the country has been converted into a crime capital by the Congress government, also the city which used to be known for its pure environment has now become synonymous with frequent traffic jams and pollution problem.

“The picture of Bellandur lake erupting froth and fire manifests the utter negligence of the Congress government towards appropriate disposal of waste and chemicals into the environment. The lake which was full of water is now a dumping ground for chemicals.

The Congress has turned the “City of lakes” into “City of burning lakes”, contended Modi requesting the people to save the rich heritage of Bengaluru from the cruel hands of the Congress government.

Today the BJP pledges to restore the lost heritage of Nadaprabhu Kempe Gowda whose image has been tarnished by the Congress government.

Keeping with his tone of sarcasm Modi said the Congress has bestowed many “gifts” on the public in its five years regime mainly the pot holed roads to reckon with.

Hitting hard at the Congress and shaking its roots Modi said the party has a “gold medal in corruption” and usually plotting ease of doing murder for its interests at the moment when the country is planning ease of doing business.

Playing the nationalist card Modi also said that the Congress insulted our national heroes, like General KS Kariappa who sacrificed their lives for the country, by questioning the veracity of cross-border surgical strikes.

Modi Also accused JD(S) secular and its leader HD Deve Gowda of forging alliance with dynastic parties like Bahujan Samaj Party, Telangana Rashtriya Samiti and All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the crowd of coming to power with complete majority on May 15th under BS Yeddyurappa demolishing the last Congress bastion for good.


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