Tripura Win – BJP Gives an Extreme Push to Extremist Leftists

Tripura Win – BJP Gives an Extreme Push to Extremist Leftists

Saturday was the day marked as a stark BJP day when Tripura election results got declared. After sustaining 25 years of linear governance by CPM, this is a breakthrough in the political structure of this NorthEast Indian state. During this election, we saw a quarter of century rule shattering in a glorious fashion. BJP along with Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura swept away the left hand communist castle. This is more like bringing Tripura under the power of two-thirds majority in the 60-member house.

PM Narendra Modi, starkly mentioned that “Tripura win was not an ordinary electoral victory”.

This remarkable election session was addressed by PM Modi with words like, “The journey from ‘Shunya’ to ‘Shikhar’ has been made possible due to a solid development agenda and the strength of our organization… The historic victory in Tripura is as much an ideological one. It is a win for democracy over brute force and intimidation… People do not have the time or respect for negative, disruptive and disconnected politics of any kind”.

This is in fact an overnight turn in the powers but the victory is backed up by a variety of choices made by RSS. Since January 2016, the central ruling party BJP deployed itself to addressing issues like salaries as per the 4th Pay Commission, demands of youth etc.

A name, Sunil Deodhar (BJP Tripura Prabhari) is not uncommon in the Northeast region as along with being a front face, he is also being expressive and empathetic about party’s win. Deodhar called RSS-BJP campaign as a move for, “Communist-mukt Bharat”. He said, “We have broken the Communist spine with this victory. This was essential. Now, we have broken the backbone of Communism from JNU to Kerala. This is more than just symbolic for us”.

BJP president Amit Shah went on saying, “I congratulate the people for accepting the leadership of Modiji and for putting their stamp of approval on his policies for the North East. These results show what is going to happen in the next few elections… Workers are charged up for the 2019 polls”.


This is How BJP Managed to Decode and Wreck Quarter-Century Communism in Tripura –


The Pay Commission Focus

BJP left no stone unturned while mentioning the failure of execution of 7th Pay Commission in Tripura. When the state was paying salaries as per the 4th pay commission, this point turned out to be an ignition for the victory fire. Also, when, there is a difference of Rs. 15000 in the salaries of 4th and 7th pay commission, a state which accommodates majorly service class population had to choose BJP.


Party Building

A dramatic increase in number of RSS shakhas in the state, speaks a lot about careful entwining of party in Tripura. In contrary of 60 shakhas in the year 2014, the state has 265 shakhas now.

An RSS Tripura representative delivers the insights saying, “We have nothing to do with electoral politics, but we have been reaching out to people through our social service. Many families who have joined us are CPM families. Many of our workers are former CPM workers. The belief that people of Tripura are Communists is erroneous. The common man does not know Marx and has not read Das Kapital. They were simply under pressure to follow Communism because of the ruling party. They were oppressed. We simply gave them an alternative. Taught them concepts new to them — of desh bhakti (patriotism), Sanskriti (culture) and itihaas (history). They were not aware. Once they understood, they joined us. Now as many as 15,000-20,000 attend our shakha events”.

An Aid of Tribal Votes

Tribal runs like a lifeblood to Tripura. Just before a month, BJP joined hands with Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura. A BJP leader says, “We had been in touch with all the anti-Left regional parties. We felt that the IPFT had managed to build a strong tribal base on the back of its demand for a separate state for tribals and so was the best bet for us”.


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