African Students in Delhi | “We Love Biryani but Seek More Comfortable Environment”

African Students in Delhi

Ernest Pondani from Delhi University does not want to miss the chance of higher education from India. He comes from South-East region of Africa and pursuing BA Honours under his scholarship program. He is a common African citizen who belongs to scattering groups of African students living in Delhi.

India Aware team reached to these migrants who belong to an underprivileged country and see India as a ray of hope to get the quality education and healthy future.

India-Africa economic relations have always been on par. Also, in the year 2015, PM Narendra Modi visited Africa and various economic based developments were discussed. In this video, we covered such big deals from the viewpoint of a common man.

The video gives us the perspective of the other side. Apart from the country leaders, Indian Aware team is seeking to peep into the minds of African country people and natives who are experiencing Indian lives.

While interviewing these students, we tried to highlight their likes and dislikes about food, country and socio-political environment of India.

When asked, if Ernest likes the spicy Indian food, he smiled and named some of the common Indian food dishes. Ernest likes Parantha and Daal. He also likes wheat Chapati (roti).

One thing, he really likes about India is the activist environment. He appreciates the fact that, people do not fear to participate in what they believe here.

When asked about Nelson Mandela (African Hero), he named several African activists who worked for the rights of black people. He admires people like Thomas Sankara (President of Burkina Faso), Robert Mugabe (2nd President of Zimbabwe) and thinks that they had real effects on African society.

Ernest sees ahead a healthy future for himself and his country. He does not wish to continue doing job in India but values the quality education he is getting here. He dreams of going back to his people and gets involved in the growth of his own country.

Another citizen from Africa is a science student, pursuing higher education in India. He holds strong opinions about capitalism. He wishes to stay in India if he gets a good job opportunity. He even thinks of investing in the country for furthering business prospects. The only thing he wishes for is equality for African students and less –ism stigma.

Ezeugo Nnamdi Lawrence belongs to Nigeria and chose India because; the medical education has a better scope here. He could hardly find quality medical professionals and training sources in Africa. Also, it is the place he can afford in terms of finance and distance. He has already completed his Bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory technology. Currently, he is pursuing MSE in Microbiology from Sharda University.

He finds India as a diverse country, which accommodates different cultures. Also, he finds Delhi quite a lively place. When asked about Indian spicy food, his favourite is Chicken Biryani. Apart from that, he loves paranthas, mix veg and chapatis. However, Biryani remains his favourite.

He misses his family and the place where he grew up. He sees India as an opportunity and a place to make his future investments.

However, he feels skeptical about the later plan because of the missing comfort zone and series of attacks on Africans.

He plays football and basketball and knows less about cricket.

The only thing, he is the most concerned about is discrimination and constantly prevailing racism.

He points out that, “When Indians in Africa are living happily, why African migrants can’t feel the same in India”.

When it comes to economic relations, as a common folk of the other country, he feels that the inequality needs to be balanced out.

He has future aspects of building a good fortune and life in India.

We can conclude that, their aspirations boil down to just question that, “when Indians can think of investing in Africa and build businesses, why Africans have to go under a great deal of labour to do that in India?”

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