Why are Dalits protesting and what can be done?

Why are Dalits protesting and what can be done? With the ongoing crisis regarding Dalit agitation, India aware discusses with a Dalit leader to actually find out their grievances. Many senior leaders of the BJP such as the president of India, Ram Nath Kovind as well as the deputy chief minister of India’s largest state […]

Kalaripayattu 101 with guru Shinto Matthew in Delhi (2018)

India aware travels to one of the few Kalaripayattu martial arts centers in Delhi. Run by Shinto Matthew, he gives us a 101 on the origin of Kalaripayattu and how the training occurs in four stages. We come to understand the progression of the stages including the first stage of conditioning, then stick fighting, weapons […]

Live happier with a attitude of Karma Yoga.

Karma yoga is one of the pillars for Hindus to keep an attitude at all times of service to God. If you can think about Bhagavan, in whatever action that you do you can imagine that you can gain you will benefit. Here Swami Prakash Nanda gives us more insight into the attitude towards Karma […]

Indians say, We Love Nepal!!

To try and promote and foster good relations between neighbors, India aware interviews a couple of Delhiites to get a feeling of the overwhelming support that Indians give towards Nepal. India has always been a close and helpful neighbor to Nepal and we would like to ensure that these friendly relations grow from strength to […]

Life Of Afghani, Nepalese & Tibetan in India

This video is summary of 3 videos, showing the main concerns and issues of Afghanese, Nepalese & Tibetan living in India. And How is there life experience in India as a foreigner? To go in more details and interview of different peoples please use the links Below:- Home away from home, Tibetans in Delhi:- https://youtu.be/CaBlegDern8 […]

Best Nepali Momos in Mumbai!

Momos are a healthy and fast food that is taking craze all over India. Many Nepalese have come into the country to take advantage of the craze as well as trying to make sure that we have good quality and freshly prepared Momos for the public. We talked to one Nepalese was taken to learning […]

29000 crore PNB bank scam. Who is responsible??

29000 crores are the ongoing PNB scam that started during the UPA regime in 2011. An unbelievable figure that has been a loss to the taxpayer. India Aware talks to a financial CA to get more details on how this may have transpired. It must be said that no scam can be initiated without blessings […]

Successful Nepalese in India.

India Aware asks some Nepalese in India about the success of the largest migrant group of Nepalese outside of Nepal. Over 2.9 million Nepalese are in India and contribute to its economy, making a success story of themselves. Prominent Nepalese that we talk about are gold medalist Jitu Rai (Now a Indian citizen) and the […]

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