Modi applauds students in Save Child Beggar Program

  India aware in its effort to popularize social welfare causes interviews Kundan Kanskar founding member of the Save Child Beggar Program. With a radical idea only involving volunteers and time, this organization is radically transforming the lives of young children all over the country. Unable to get into a regular schooling program, volunteers all […]

WWA pledge to animal rescue in Mumbai 24X7

WWA pledge to animal rescue in Mumbai 24X7

India Aware Travels to Mumbai where hard-working and passionate group of students, have taken out their free time to help and serve the injured wildlife of the city. We chat with one of their coordinators and really get an idea about what it takes to run the Wildlife wWelfare Association. Watch a snake capture in […]

Will 2018 be the year for Ram Janmabhoomi ?

Ram Janmabhoomi Has been a contested and long-standing unresolved dispute between multiple parties over the original birthplace and mandir of Ram and later on the Babri Masjid. Demolished in 1992 as a unused mosque, the land has been henceforth a court case that may be finally coming to an end this year. Although the Allahabad […]

26/11 A Chaiwalla Survivor remembers chaos at CST

26/11 was a date for many Indians that we can never forget. Hundreds of people died in a violent terrorist attack from Pakistan for which many of the original conspirators have never really been brought to justice. India aware talks to one Chai Walla who was there that night and gives us a feel for […]

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